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Featured art by Darla Teagarden

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Phaeleh “Tokoi”

We all have a story to tell
Former glories
Private hells
Hopeful thoughts alive and well
Tales cut short whence fate befell
Failed attempts to break the spell
Hints at wherein beauty dwells
Memories that serve us well
Kisses left to tell

Lips that swell to taste embrace
Eyes expelled from grateful face
Dreams we were too tired to chase
Nightmares on perpetual repeat
Chiming of eventual defeat
Unless we happen upon easy street
Even then, there are no guarantees that we will not be shot down
Clocked out as we drop down on our knees

Searching for answers is no easy feat
When looking to others to sweeten the deal
Some are discreet about what they reveal
Others disclose as it serves their own means
Should we proceed to observe running themes
Then we can retreat from the same slumming scene
Commence to see clearly the woods for the trees
Take to the skies in all kinds of blind leaps
Soar through the stars with reliance and ease
Make our own space
Taking sweet time to breathe

We all have a life and permission to lead
We all have conditions that halt and impede
We all harbour thoughts
Some are simply obscene
Others as plain as they’re sane
Should we ever trust again
Would we dare such rough terrain
Could be snares prepared to punch their weight and make us clutch in pain
All within our touching distance harshly yanked away
The second we are beckoned forth like moths unto the flame
Undressed of wings
The precious things we tend to hide away
Sleeping even when we’re wide awake

We all have a story to tell
The tools within to make that great
Boundaries are there to break
Should we dare to leap with faith
Would we care to live our lives
If death was but a breath away
Could we tear up time and space
Prepare to make our getaways
Seeking out a better way to tell a story pending
Maybe we can write that happy ending

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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