The Lonesome Fate of Hatred




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Phaeleh “Lament”





I remember well the day
That I last felt compelled to hate
That I last swelled with a devil’s disdain
And each disheveled thought I entertained that led my weathered faith astray
I remember the bittersweet taste of teardrops stained with my disgrace
Under pretense to lay the best of me regrettably to waste
I remember well the day
I felt compelled to turn and face the demons
Seen as reasons to dispel good grace


I forget how I let things accelerate now
But I do recall pressing the brake
When duty called
I questioned its place
Arrested each thorn that my flawless flesh grazed
Attested to the altered course
That led me to the veil gate
Shed the dead skin bled to see replaced
Scar tissue issued a statement of intent
To vent the essence underspent as I relented every vested venture gained
Only this time
I tendered restraint
For I felt no compel left to hate


I remember how swiftly the scene perceived changed
The very second I reckoned no shame
No enemies beckoning
Endlessly heckling
My cheeks were freckling
Such was my trusted amaze
Thrust in the hedge maze
I whirled like a dervish
Impervious to graze
As telling burden fell away
In faithful certitude appraised
I raised clean heels
And leapt
Then went one better still
And leapt again


I remember well the day
That hate no longer crept my veins
Such feelings effortlessly kept at bay
As vitriol was briskly swept away
All that remained was contempt for myself
And I knew well the essence suggestive of breaking the spell
Compelled to love
I rose above the foxglove just enough to touch the skies
And thus encouraged darling buds to rise
Hatred had no place in my wide eyes
Disgrace had faded out of sight and mind
Had I been less tastefully inclined
Then hatred would have jaded my reprise
I made it to my safe place
Where the days are ever radiant
My lonesome fate
Replaced by reawakening divine
Compelled to love
I raised a fragrant smile
And all the while
Amazing grace beguiled






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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