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Please take my hand
For I have planned
Quite the grand occasion
Do take a seat
While I make sweet
The handsome art of gladsome heart’s persuasion


Do you feel it beating in your chest
Is the beat in keeping with the tempo of my breath
Do you feel it race as I embrace regret’s erasure
Would the elders deem this misbehavior
Am I like a child
Do I run wild thro’ ploughman’s rows
Would there be a sleeve on hand
To wipe my runny nose
Can the bells on fingers
Make the same fine chime as toes
I’ve asked around
And no-one person knows
Are these dreams foreseen as premonition
Would it be too late to praise the great human condition
There’s a path from here to there
That’s going nowhere fast unfared
Shall have to pass the thoroughfare
To grasp the journey’s end
Should I extend my best foot forth
And dare to tread exalted course
Would then ascension bid endorse
Would then I turn the lens
Kaleidoscopic sights delight the flight of kind amend
Rainbows in the skies confide the rise of ever timely comprehend


I’m a kindly little earth friend
With a heart that grows when bled rose red
Would make my bed
Yet I tend to forget
As I exit on a wave of favoured crest
In my possession are two feet and only one of them veers left
Thus, I entrust them with the cheer to both fare best
This one time wounded cavalier
Is only here to raise a smile
As we reflect back charmed upon this watermarked occasion
It is here within the rivers calm
I bled this merry psalm

The handsome art of gladsome heart’s persuasion





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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