The Torchbearer’s Song

The Torchbearer’s Song was written in December 2018 and has remained unpublished until now.

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Phaeleh “Trails of Light”

If I love you any more
Will I die a little less
Will the smile my eyes deny then better dress
Will this heart of mine adore the blessing
Lips undress when yours come pressing
If you kiss them will I evanesce

If I carry a torch
Do so only for you
Will you spare the self same thought then for me too
Dry my eyes when low tides rise
Drop behind each lie and guide it true
Wish for me to dream for two
Miss me when I sleep straight through
Will you live for me
If I provisionally die for you

Will you stop the rot concealing bloom
Plough the crops which block my field of view
Lead me unto pastures new
Each acre rich in harvest true
Make the storm clouds burst with you
Dandelions thirst for you
Each piece of you
You give to me
Makes certain gift so sweet
That I would never ever even dream of hurting you

Only the discerning few will ever know a love like ours
Which is disconcerting news for any twos without a one to merge into
With you, there’s but one circuit board I ever wish to surge into
No firewall required when your lips cauterize my burn tissue
Only the discerning few will ever know the love we have and hold
The greatest love untold
Of Epicurean view

I shall carry this torch
Do so solely for you
Hold hands on the porch as we take note of the view
Cry out our eyes when the rising tide swoops
Prop every lie against pillar of truth
Bang the drum slowly just like Emmylou
With six white Cadillacs
And two more bottles of cognac yet to get through
When I paint my masterpiece as Michelangelo would do
Then I shall paint it handsomely for you

Sweetheart of the rodeo
The runaway horse I shall ride it to you
Face up to fate’s course
And defy it for you
The Wild Texas Waltz
We shall dance it for two
Forever this torch
I bear calmly for you
As sure as my wide eyes are blue
Would die for you
Just to live forevermore inside of you

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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