War on Human Error

War on Human Error was written in May 2018 and has remained unpublished until now.

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Bis “Robotic”

Do we really live
Do we really learn
How many touchdowns need we spurn before one is converted
Should we play things cool or be assertive
Maybe play the fool and join the travelling circus
Apply face paint and put on a brave face
Try to save face as we die and waste away beneath the surface

Do we learn from our mistakes
At pain to make them the same way
Put off until tomorrow what we could showcase today
Elect to have our say or let the moment pass us by
Deny ourselves the chance of asking why
Care for the answer
Or have we already armed our reply

How many blatant signs must we ignore before we sit up and take notice
And where is the rule that states that everything is hopeless
Do we focus on the negative or bide time for our second wind
Need each motion be seconded
If so, well then who seconds it

Should we apply excessive force
Then could we be on course to being reckoned with
Need we feel remorse for every second thought unsettling
Would it make more sense to compartmentalize
Give each shame a name then pay no mind
Ignore the minor print of the treaty we sign blind
Or is it true the blind must lead the blind

Time after time do we make the same excuses
Do they feel bemused by being made
Start making plans for a different day
Begin changing hands for a premium rate
Point fingers of blame and abuse right of way
Consider views immovable and claim them irrefutable
When truth is nonrenewable through change

How many times must the worm turn before we learn its pattern
Need we earn the urn to stash our ashes
And how long is acceptable to burn before we scatter them
Do we flatter to deceive
Swear an oath to change our plea
Buck tradition and proceed then to commence with abolition
Just how many tricks commissioned are we missing

Do sticks and stones break bones
And is it true words cannot hurt us
Should they creep beneath the surface
Do our demons disconcert us
Make us nervous
Or alert us to ordained state of inertness
Urge to purge
Enraged that somebody once hurt us

Indisposition endorses repetition
Will not ask for our permission as it loops until we fade
Of all human errors made
Just how many are preventable
Should we keep this to ourselves in order to appear presentable
And who are we presenting to again
Who gets to cast the dark shade on last say
Is this a game
And really must we play

Say we make great haste to take a break from the monotony
Declining lobotomy
Stop praying for that lotto win
Live a little
Give a little
Be a bit less fickle in allegiances
You know
Making something known and meaning it
Do this and we might just win the war on human error
Form friendships prolonged and non-dependent on the weather
All for one and one for all
Inclined to being kind not cruel
E’er divined to rise from fall

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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