The Oblivion Dominion

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Goblin “Black Forest”

This was mankind’s attempt to establish dominion over nature
To claim the earth as their own
When, truth be known, they were mere tenants
And their penance
Would be an oblivion damned of their own hand

The plagues had ravaged these once ravishing lands
And while the affluent flourished
Paupers were discouraged from staring too hard at the blind eye hurriedly turned to their circling plight
The blight had only worsened
As the burdened were paid neither heed nor mind
Creating ever furthering divide

Mother earth had intervened
Not to terminate the breed
But to germinate the seed
In kind prepared
All the while
Crops withered in their lairs
As thieves of night ignited the doused reeds of concede
Doubted in the very air they outwardly breathed
Never once seen of conceit
For theirs was too mighty a fleet
To be perceived
At least
By those whose keen eyes had been seized
Or so they had inclined to believe

You see
The leaves of Fall had fallen
For an all-embracing reason
Seasons changed to appertain the taste of tasteless treason
Heathens and philistines preyed on the divine
Vilified for their beliefs
The meek had learned to speak their minds
Knew their place and ways to thrive
At which time as the rains arrived
Thus even when the skies were falling
Faith reminded heightened calling

This was mankind’s final chance to bargain for redemption
Seek for state of grace
Evade the labour of misapprehension
Claim the earth not as their own
But some place they can make a home
For, truth be known, the bane opposed no aim of reinvention

Have you ever known a rose that chose to dress no thorn
Only when exposed can trepid bones disclose such blessèd warmth
Nature had pre-warned the scorned
To know their place
Embrace it
Learn to love the stare
That bared them naked
And only nature knows
If they will make it

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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