Tea and Propaganda

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Please do stop by
For tea and propaganda
Learn to turn a blind eye
While they hold free thought to ransom
Walk the line
Decline to read the lengthy memorandum
For feckless minds incline to find such reckless in abandon

They consider us too weak to seek a greater understanding
Meek and mild
Defiled by each decree they have a hand in
Sworn to oath to be the most esteemed earth-born companions
Not a one foreseen to be upstanding
The vision they attest is really no less than outlandish
For they brandish weapons some way from pristine
Lengths they will traverse to hurt are needlessly obscene
Indeed, they’re every bit as heedless as they seem

Needling each seedling unto the point of bleed
Draining veins
Anointing joints with numbing agents, chloroform and bleach
Joining every dot
To further populate their reach
Blotting each horizon with disease

They think us too defeated
To entreat freedom of speech
Consider us too beaten
To seek secrets in their keep
Should we decode the sequence
Then we’re owed no exposition
As we’re given no permission to proceed

Facts and figures prop the roots to constitute as proof
Yet these “truths” offer precious little to believe
Even when the flowers shoot
It all amounts to power move
To cover-up collusion
Thus endorse false constitution

It’s no ruse that they are bitter to the seed
May appear more fitting to concede
And sign the deeds
But then we’re legally committed to the lease

It really is as heedless as it seems
And not to mention needlessly obscene
To walk a line
Of cruel design
And see the world through mortal eyes
When more to life besides resides in dream
Please do stop by
And draw a line between
Let’s leave the lies
To fools, tyrants and thieves

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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