Taproot—Utensils of Midas

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Emancipator “Nevergreen”

There is untapped potential —Inside us
Credentials denied us
Deemed inconsequential
Utensils of Midas
Sidelined by the woes that betide us
To conquer our growth and divide us

Impious eyes see only non-essentials
Hide and go seek whence the rains are torrential
Pushing the pencil to trace white chalk stencil
And nary the lines overlap

Doubling back when the track appears cluttered
Cul de sac thinking when sinking—Discolored
Unstinting in spluttered denounce
Of the one thing unblinking foreseen to astound
With nary a sound wisdom muttered

Too proud to crosslink every feeling revealing
The whereabouts thereabouts shrinking—Whence reeling
Both feet on the ground and head dead to the clouds
For they crowd beneath constrictive ceilings

Restricted in access
Thus stripped the exact sense to accent the axis of meaningful signs
Slackening weakening ties—To synapsis
That matches each gene to its equaling twine

Reasoning all unexplained and unnamed
To campaign for the placement of heedless refrain
From the statement believed to be needless to say
The erasure of faith in decline
To enslave innate nature inside

There is untapped potential —Inside us
Exponential growth to denote the essential tide
Lighting each aligned vessel to guide us

Deemed inconsequential
Are credentials long denied us
Once we utilize utensils of Midas
Nowise sidelined by the woes that betide us
Immune to the gloom that divides us
Foredoomed to leave the room
Yet ne’er disputed of the view
Whereby exclusive to the true taproot inside us

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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      1. Yet no matter how wet the road or how out of control, the right direction is always in sight ⏯▶️ (if I’m understanding this right 😅)

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