A Smashing Story of Morning Glory

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The Orb “Little Fluffy Clouds”

It was something of a rough landing
Would have scuffed me up
Had I been standing
Waking up is hard to do
When every limb feels barred from movement
Nothing felt too much ado
And none of it for my amusement

Daylight peeking through the blinds
Reminded while my eyes dilated
I could start the day a knighted brave with the supplies donated
Aching joints would make their points
Until my morning stretch
Any less could never have made sense

Nominal dissent aside
On the strength of it
Felt fine
Length and breadth requested height
My wings then spread in crested flight

Actually, I staggered
Like a Turkish carpetbagger
Under cloak of daggers
Nagging at my spine
Needed me a caffeine fix
To fuel my first cool magic trick
Had to free the savages
And lead them to safe passages
Only English tea would do
Renew the bloom of pallid lips
Only English Tea was on my scavenge list

Huddled in my bubble
Felt untroubled by the stubble of the day
Gave my lovely mum a snuggle
For I wouldn’t shuffle any other way
Queen of Hearts
To Lion Brave
There was my first proud display
Love can always find a way
To make one feel alive again

Every night I die again
I wait to wake to life again
Rough landings aside
I’d sooner fly than wait in line again
Every day’s a gift to prize
A brand new scavenge list to find
With caffeine quick to fix my spine
The savages can powder lips
Kiss mine
For today seems like a smashing day to rise

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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1 Comment

  1. Got me crying again. Beautiful art, one of my favourite Orb tracks and the section about your Queen of Hearts… She is indeed a lady most precious.

    This is my pickings:
    “Needed me a caffeine fix
    To fuel my first cool magic trick
    Had to free the savages
    And lead them to safe passages”


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