Pop Stand

Pop Stand was written in April 2018 and has remained unpublished until now

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Slipping and sliding around in my brain
Ever surprised by the files I retain
Painting a picture of broader horizons
Limitless skies custom fit the terrain

Weary with labor and faint from the pain
Seems like the right time and place to abstain
Trip on the sunshine down memory lane
Blowing a velveteen kiss to the rain

Some call me crazy while others insane
Have to admit there’s some truth to their claim
Some call me strange which I guess means deranged
Nevertheless, I confess either way

Walking barefoot on the glass like McClane
Dying is easy, what’s hard is remaining
Sticking it out when it all grows mundane
Figuring out how to kick-start campaign

Give me god’s name and I’ll take it in vain
Straight to the altar where angels be slain
Never say never to suturing veins
Live for the bubbles in human champagne

Need I explain that I bid you no harm
Serial killer’s just one of my charms
When in repentance I bleed from both palms
End my next sentence with reading from Psalms

Sometimes I like to drink gin with no tonic
What can I say, my condition is chronic
Walking on water until I start sinking
Standing my ground as it’s drown or keep drinking

Never saw logic in logical thinking
Missed Haley’s comet, was too busy blinking
Never belonged in the thin skin I lived in
Tried to fit in but came loose at the stitching

Not that I’m bitching, way better off now
Made good on a smile, with a tear and a vow
Talked down the cloud hanging out on my brow
My mind was long lost and I found it somehow

Now I believe unlike ever before
Never give less when I know there is more
Ever impressing on those I adore
Dressed to the nines as we take to the floor

Leaping with faith into safest of hands
Making fresh plans, every one of them grand
Cool azure skyline and sea of white sands
What do you say that we blow this pop stand

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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