The Illustrious Dance of Perchance

The Illustrious Dance of Perchance was written in June 2019 and has previously been published in All of Me Vol. I, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. 

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Ladytron “Figurine”

She was weightless in his arms
As He charmed a kiss so honeyed from the piquant lips of happenstance
“May I have this dance, perchance?” he asked in mild abash
To which she flashed a knowing smile
In jouissance unmatched

This handsome chap was quite the catch
Garmented with suave panache
Meant to be both this and that
Yet, neither as matter of actual fact
For no lady killer was He

Now, as legend would have us believe
Lady Godiva once rode bareback through the cobblestone Coventry streets
Common belief is an obstinate sheath beneath which we insulate grief
Lies nimbly mistaken as truths whence wept through the skin of the teeth
Whispering lanterns of Chinese impatience
Grapes of the vine tainting corn of the sheaf
Legend’s disclaimer made vagrant of He
Denounced him the title of Saint
With nary an angel at table to hear of his desperate plaint

The lady in waiting was gracefully poised
To procrastinate not her rejoinder to He
Such was simply a game that She played with mystique
For She knew well of his romantique
That love unto He was a wonder to seek
Not to plunder
Destroy and dismantle with callus strewn hands of a double-faced thief
For She, He would keenly bleed each artery
Bequeathing She a masterpiece
To see her bright eyes sparkling akin to oceans deep
Hinting at the diamond skies opined to lie beneath
He would die to declare all abiding share of the air She so timelessly breathed
Would care not of any blood upon his greaves
Of the open heart historically cleaved
For the ramparts were steeped in the essence of She
And his death would be cleft of defeat
Should He start afresh, impart request of blessed address from She

“May I have this dance, perchance?” he inquired once again
“I see you so clearly” She imparted sincerely
In a second, bereft of both grief and complaint
“Thus, to answer your question. Yes, you may”

She was weightless in his arms
For they bled a dance so charmed that mystic river ran deep red
Bare feet glancing diamonds decked in sparkle through each pirouette
Now, as legend would have us believe
He and She draw breath merely in dream
Howbeit, we never could hope to compose such an opulent ode should we not be seen setting the scene
Thus, there appears to be one solitary question left to ask
“May we have this dance, perchance?”

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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