Changing Lanes

Featured art by Erica Williams

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Vangelis “Tears In Rain”

In the slow lane
Treading water
Man with no name
Known to falter
Could see no way forth
Thus altered course
On fourth and final quarter
Knew just where he ought to be
Yet held no clue as to the slew of reasons seasons stalled
As he pursued a life less ordinary

Tea for two
Had proved delusion
Each twenty four
He grew more disillusioned
Seeking more to life than cruising
Bleeding raw saline solution
Mainline leaking
Plainly speaking
Rate exceeding
Aching feeling
Reeling days
Revealing ways
To further heed obscene delays
While evening haze decayed
The greater meaning

Fated repeatedly
Stated defeatedly
Faced with indecency
Raided unceasingly
Increasingly he pieced together
Every tether severed in his wake
Cleverly endeavoured
Through the never
With an altogether better sense of destiny to change

At the halfway house
To fast lane
Bled a pathway out
Through heartbreak
Taking last train
Traipsing vast planes
Shook the glass pane
Looked at cast blame
Splayed it out
Remained devout
While feeling out
The greater gain of bleeding out
Tears of rain
Cascading down
In the same vein
He was found

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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