Band of Lovers

Featured art by Darla Teagarden

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Ladytron “The Lovers”

One teardrop in an ocean of many
Pocket change
With chop and change emotions ten-a-penny
Ferrying sorrows
From yesterday’s shoreline
To tides of morrow
Chlorine sting
To warlike twinges
Hairline fractures
Off their hinges
On the fringe
The syringe pinches
Clinches veins
Invades and binges

One heartbeat in a Starfleet of many
Pocket change
With docking stations out of range and pains too great
Losses claimed where profit gains once made a pretty penny
Stocks exchanged for stocks again
Alas in shape of crass restraints
Due before the magistrate
To be harassed in fragile state
May as well self-flagellate
Than wait for fate to allocate
A shallow grave
Where gallows sway
In faithless, wakeless shadows swathed

One brave in an army of many
One harvest away from definitive reap
Perimeter beams
Gleam unlimited reach
No longer the wronged of deliberate breach
Nowise so denied
Sighted limited means
Dying each nightfall
To live in a dream
Where divine
The enlightenment be
Where birthright is entitlement to breathe
Until a peaceful last heartbeat bequeathed

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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