Treasures of The Deep

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I write for the many
While precious few see
How I strive to declare entire library of me
A multitude of musky books
Tucked between the dusty nooks
By hook or by crook
I shall not overlook
The award that the ancients entrusted me

Had I warded away every demon that boarded my train
Then I would have been left cordoned at the station
Had I ordered refrain from inordinate pain
Then I never would have made my destination
For all the speculation
I denied my resignation
For I briskly passed my target expiration
Made it through the storm that had forewarned grave expectation
Thus, affording self a wealth of warm migration

With a dash of perseverance
And my keen imagination
I perceived a place so dreamlike
It was freed from disbelief and limitation
Reasons are like seasons
Seemed obscene to see them wasted
When the scene they set was then bedecked in seamless decoration

In my heart of hearts
I raised full mast of dedication
To narrating each beat pardoned by the raven
The seas here were largely uncharted
Bombarded by many a pirate ship passing
Yet as I pressed down on the tip of my quill
I felt gifted to feel ably guarded

I write free of harness
No part wed to bind
See some way before me
And some way behind
Through traveller’s tale I am some way inclined
To renaming a lifetime long story
I write for the many
While precious few see
Though each soul I ferry
Is precious to me
Ever blessed in receipt
Of each bred seedling of belief
That reveals the ceaseless treasures of the deep
Every feather of forever
In my keep

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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