Sapere aude

Sapere aude has previously been published in All of Me Vol. III, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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Enigma “Find Love”

And as She disrobed neath the new moon’s delight
Cannot tell a lie
With swelling eyes
I wept

Having lost count of the hours since I’d slept
Delirium had reached fever pitch
Gently I slipped to the varnished pine and crept
Not a stitch on my person
With boldness unhitched

The switch to my right did not raise its appeal
For I prefer to advance by candlelight’s reveal
Clinging to shadow for dear life and near death
Faint chill in the air courting sharp-taken breaths

It was then that I spotted her
Over to my left
And the flame in my eyes then burned brightly
For ablaze in her own
Was the famed inferno of the ancients
Made plain to invite me

This creature of night She stalked the same shade
Spoke in homogeneous tongue
Walked with the very same dignified grace
Thus, my thirst then came most gratefully undone

Gliding like elegant mist as She frisked the dusk air
Cut it cleanly in two

Riding each pocket of timid white light
With delight to sincerely pass through

A walking illustration of my adoration
Silhouette tracing its draft cross my eyes
Each portrait bracing
Each blink crystallized
My wide eyes took the time then to acclimatize

Before so long as my sigh could subside
She slid her lithe fingers neath the straps of her gown
And pulled them both suggestively aside

Over softest of shoulders the fabric did glance
Fine silk embracing the nape of her neck as it bid pent-up stress its farewell
I felt like a child
Eyes wide and cast skyward
From the foot of an infinite stairwell

As it tumbled to her immaculate toes
Revealing a canvas scarce a frame could ever hold
My heart’s kick drum skipped on beats of tenfold
And the air nowise felt quite so steeped in cold

Inebriate was I of this work of fine art
Quenching from fonts of her deepest soul’s heart
Each pore dressed lavish in the essence of She
The unapproachable splendour of the empyrean exceeded

I pleaded
I pleaded
Swiftly dropped to knees and pleaded

Step forth
One time please into the light
And as She stepped to
In most ravishing hue
I wept great many years of kept divine

One solitary teardrop was all my eyes bled
Before discerning her advancing tread
She leaned into my ear and as I turned then softly said
I am for you as much as you for I

As she pulled gently back with a smile
I died
And upon one sweet brush of her lips ‘gainst mine
Was instantly and vividly revived

With Jupiter and Neptune so flawlessly aligned
Our bare skin then waltzed ‘neath the new moon’s delight
Paths seldom crossed intertwined on this night
And the most divine of unions reprised

Twinned silhouettes
Not a stitch on our person
With boldness unhitched
Daylight peeking through curtain
We danced and we twirled
Pressed shapes to be certain
I guess you could say
We were kept

And, as dayspring cascaded through slits in the drapes
With famed spring in stride rising

We leapt

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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