The Handsome Hovel and Other Novel Phantoms

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 Featured art by Jeszika Le Vye

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Emancipator “Greenland”

Had I not lay slain
Then I would ne’er have reawakened
My faith had been shaken
Nay rocked to foundations
Had not a clue as to which way I faced
As I braced for the next wave of grave devastation
With pale insides trailed in my wake

Having embraced life
Disfavour became rife
Knowing full well
I lay felled by the wayside
Pale light before me
And straight line behind me
Shadows were narrowing
Lacing me tightly
This kind of day hike predicted to end less than kindly
Yet death’s caress had ne’er impressed upon my flesh so timely

Had fortune not favoured the brave
Then the lair I so despaired would have ensnared me
Ill-prepared me for the scarcely fared well hell where I fell vacant
Howbeit, my faith
Albeit well shaken
Owed great debt of brave to foundations
And which way I faced
Felt no longer disgraced
As the light in my eyes shone too bright for my life to be taken

Hidden away
Where I longed to feel safe
In a strange way
I belonged in this place
Darkness would harness my highness regardless of dominant rays feeding prominent traits
Bleeding nominal veins
Leaving ominous stains
Draining hollow my deep longing to remain
Novel were these phantoms
For they offered a king’s ransom
To live off the stinging pangs of sorrowed pain
Yet no horror in my honour entertained
For I had claimed my handsome hovel in the shade
And I have to say
I’m gladsome that I came

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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