The Visitation

The original version of The Visitation has previously been published in All of Me Vol. VI, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Amy Judd.

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Bond “Libertango”

In the still dead of night
She sprawled across the four poster bed
Black satin sheets clung to her skin
Akin to the husk of a peach
Writhing within, felt entitled to sin; Yet
Would not have felt right to bid breach

The heat of the moment was white hot intense
A home fire alight she might later repent
Red lacquered fingernails trailing her flesh
No less than invitingly
Ever lip bitingly
Each sigh reminding of credit yet spent
With desire overwhelming to vent

In the still dead of night
Behind whispering drapes
The visitor yearned to delight her red grape
Hungering for the tart taste of her husk
And the sweet scented musk inner thigh
Would not have felt righteous to claim yet the prize
Seen through the red room of true bedroom eyes
Leave a telling mark upon the curved arch of her spine
Surrender to the swelter of lust

In the still dead of night
As the air began to thicken
Her pulse quickened
Thus the candelabra flickered
She could feel the nectar cloying
Honeyed trickle thence deploying
Her cherry lips then curled
Rose red petals mid unfurl
While her lover marvelled mother of all pearls

In the still dead of night
The visitor’s chest tightened
Still, the pleasure pained
Would not have felt right to abstain
From restraint which heightened flame
Engage in smouldering embrace
Cut away delighted chase
To spite her face
Still dead of night, in kind, arranged
In name of love the mystics famed

As he delicately swept aside the drapes
Commenced to lay down by her side
The home fire in her raging wild
Gave way to the innate taste
Of sensation even greater than desire
Eleven days and nights
This way remained
And whence the twelfth night came
One twinned flame home fire raged wild to first light

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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