Cape of The Mystic

Special thanks to Gary W. Jones for his musical interpretation of Cape of The Mystic. Listen to more of his music here.

Listen to Cape of The Mystic by Richard Charles Stevens

Listen to Cape of The Mystic by Gary W. Jones

So much had been taken from her
Her dignity, honour and identity
Were meant to be presented with a sense of keen
And not relieved lamentably
Restlessly she leaned on her dependency to reason with the feelings unforeseen as they were seen to teem sequentially


Reeling from each fresh defeat
Within appeared her best retreat
To be the friend indeed
She dared to dream of confidentially
So seldom had she ventured to the stream
Her leaden feet such splendour ne’er esteemed


So much had been perceived
Before the vista blistered wretchedly
Her eyes had not deceived
Though sight had drifted unintentionally
Had she blinked and missed it
Life would think her contradicted
Thus predict no seismic shift to gifted destiny


With cryptic clues perused
Seemed nihilistic to review the crude statistics that enlisted doom and gloom
Apocalyptic skies aside
Each dawn anew proved nights survived
Sweet morning dew her flight revived
As she reached higher than the skies
To climb the moon


With burden lifted
Something shifted
In her eyes a light persisted
E’er revealing
Senses new she tended to through feeling
Far exceeding earthly ceiling
Destined now to soar
All that taken vacant in her
Safe beneath her mystic cape

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. The calming music… The subject matter both blew my mind as I was thrown back a year. But Lion, I kept on reading until I saw the reassuring tree at the bottom and realised that I’m in such a better place now 💫

    1. I love that you kept on reading as pieces like this I like to call journey poems. Even through darkness, they always veer back to the light. And the tree is particularly symbolic in this one, something repeat reads will reveal. Brave Mouse has come so very far and Lion is exceptionally proud of her.

      1. Journey poems, how perfect!! I used to flounder in the lyrics of beautiful track The Journey from Disney’s The Rescuers but this mouse has found a glass bottle in the sea and is sailing on… Onwards and trying to keep upwards 🌻

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