Her Grace

Her Grace is an original work; inspired by the composition Quiet Bravery by Vlada Mars. Featured art is by Mario Sánchez Nevado.

Listen to Her Grace by Richard Charles Stevens

Listen to Quiet Bravery by Vlada Mars

With not a word spoken
Her heart came wide open
Fractures aside
Was a far cry from broken
Hope her first prize
And all else mere token
Such was the turn of mind chosen

There was a time
When her smile was endangered
Life appeared little but fickle acquaintance
Liberally given
Straightforwardly taken
A waltz and a dream
From which she’d reawaken
Alone and disowned
Of the joy long forsaken
Lonely road forth
With remorse as her raiment
Many of course
Would have deemed her complacent
Yet her eyes
Were some way from vacant

For all she had faced
She retained the same grace
Such was innate
To a native of faith
When the day came
To remain
Through the storm
Hers were the eyes
Of reliable source
Silently paused
Whereby violently torn
She defied each subsidence forewarned
Scaled the same walls
Which had formerly stifled
Found that within
Long since formally titled
Life to this point
Had seemed awkward recital
Thus she endorsed its revival

With not a contrivance
Her heart came wide open
No gimmick to mimic
Each limit unbroken
Hope was her lyric
And all else unspoken
Such was the gift she had chosen

A living exhibit
Of all things exquisite
Many of course
Would have deemed her complicit
Labelled her false
When discourse was explicit
Wished her divorced
From the source of her spirit
Taking by force
Every morsel prolific
Left her exhausted
Too worn to admit it
Fooled into thinking
The storm hit to sink her
Taught then contrary
With nary a whimper

With not a word spoken
This vocal free thinker
Was potently thunder
In cloak of a whisper
Quietly brave
She retained the same grace
Innate faith
A far cry from broken
Hope was her first prize
And thus she remained
When the day came to wake to life chosen
With not a word spoken
Her heart came wide open
And she became
Nature in motion

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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© Copyright: Rivers of Grue™ Vlada Mars™


  1. My goodness you nailed it!!! Beautiful music choice accompanies your style perfectly, not the heavy drum and bass I amuse myself with. Looking forward to more of this… Podcast or/and YouTube beckons you 🤩🐭

    1. Thank you, Mouse. I have just released another to music called Silent Revolution all about ignoring all the anger and rage in the world. This one has a beat so it was fun to produce. And I’m looking to set up a channel very soon so I can share these with a wider audience. So glad you enjoyed 🤩

      1. My goodness that’s so exciting!!! Get your site more traffic by beautiful musical expression. I’d love to hear something to the tune of Silent Hill’s Promise (Reprise), that would be sublime!!! Speaking of Silent, I look forward to hearing this piece and hopefully learn from it 🙏🏻

      2. Consider it a goal of mine to do so. Will let this beautiful song marinate and see what the quill comes up with. I agree, a perfect song to honour through prose.

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