Parasitic Paraphernalia

Parasitic Paraphernalia has previously been published in All of Me Vol. VI, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Bogna Gawrońska.

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Gun metal tears
And a cherry bomb smile
Semi-automatic thoughts
Erratically compiled
Armor piercing bullets
Shredding static when combative
With dramatic sense of irony
Defiantly stock-piled

Exitwounds agape
As napalm seeps beneath the grate
While the depletion rate of red cells compels egg shells left to break
Wounds infected
Roots affected
Bloom defective
Tumor septic
Pulsing shooter in convulsion
Raising cain
Derailing motion
Peptic acid acrid
As it rises apathetic
To the second-string of rhetoric corrosion
Lessening the questioning that welcomed home a veteran
According to dead reckoning
It died in the explosion
Unbeknownst to host
A ghost lays prone in the machine
Cloning every open pore
Deploring it to weep
Seeping through the conduit
To desecrate the monument
For sake of pained reconnaissance
Dishonorably themed
On a wing and prayer
Within the lair of self-decree
And nothing left to share but snared autonomy
Governing the body
Of anomaly dispelled
Just another honorary felled

Wounded little soldier
With the bitterest of seeds
Feeding from a heart so charred
It’s ashen when it bleeds
All self-serving needs
Are sociopathic by design
Emphatically sporadic as they tap slack the mainline
Arteries artillery
Of hardening capillaries
Bureaucratically retarded
To the casualty of history
In atrophy persistently
No cavalry to hearten
Uncharted is the narcissist’s entitlement to pass on others’ misery
Bleak is the house within which they’re imprisoned
Weak is their will
And parasitic their provision
Infamy is principally
Their own downfall to seek
For not a single victim will remember them next week

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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