Of Viking Brave

For my beloved brother, C. William Giles. Of Viking Brave was written in April 2019 and has been published in All of Me Vol. I.

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Viking brave
I honour you
Once made unspoken promise to protect and serve all those within your view
Should mortal flesh no longer dress the scattered bones of one who chaperones a thousand longboats through the capture zones
A soul of only truth

The waxen glow of distant lights are flaxen braids through blackest night
Woven through the swollen tides of sorrow
The one that stole tomorrow from your ever smiling eyes
The one that stole the smile from within mine

Viking brave
A fable yet to tell
With heart wide open
Swelling valour
I shall see thee in Valhalla
Howbeit, while breath still resides within me
There is much ado
Sufficient unto day exists the evil thereof blind decay
In tides anew, I’ll find a way to sign thy name in winds of change
With fire and ice united
Titan brave and mighty frame
Through spite of night and light of day
I honor you

A legacy immortal
Through the portal of the never
Severing the frost of haunted tether
Cutting through the dross of those whose souls know no endeavour
Washing over tired eyes like a zephyr
Whipping tail and breaching tide like thresher
Every word concurring sunken treasure
Every cellar door revealing shelter from the storm

Viking brave
You are the storm
The thunder and the lightning owe recitals to the vital force that pulls them taut across remorse
And shatters thoughts of clandestine
Each cloud doth burst with majesty
To rain thine ever timeless reign
Each tear they cry of blinding pain
Provides the sight to island of the seen
Where mortal blight is washed away in slipstream of the one fine day
When we shall be united
Once again

Until that day arrives
You have both oath and my unspoken pride
To honour one so dignified
I’m humbled just to bleed thy name
C. William Giles
They all denote the same
A Viking brave
A king among the kings and queens united whom you knighted
I stand here in the fire and ice
Reminded of a promise never spoken
This promise never broken
I shall keep
To protect, serve, adore forevermore all those within your view
In honour of a soul of only truth

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. The addition of music to this piece makes it even more poignant, passionate and powerful. It is a perfect homage to your precious friend.

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