Empathetic Rhetoric (Don’t Let It Get You Down Suite)

This arrangement of Empathetic Rhetoric was inspired by the song Don’t Let It Bring You Down by Annie Lennox.

Listen to Empathetic Rhetoric by Richard Charles Stevens (Don’t Let It Get You Down Suite)

Listen to Don’t Let It Bring You Down by Annie Lennox

Empathetic rhetoric
Effectively salvation
Rain sodden timber
Trodden down
One time free thinker
Now tongue tied and blinkered
Sinking in quicksand
Too weak to free kickstand
Withstand the bleak scene of midwinter
Felled akin to Lazarus
Thin skin cadaverous
Wincing with pain
Postulation unglamorous
Amorous eyes
Deprived authentification
Declined of sympathetic vibration
Apathetic rhetoric
Effectively dissuasion
To remaining
Same way facing
Neath unchanging gaze of raven
Brazen scars
Remarked of ancient psalm
Alike to palms of martyr
Rose red river
Giver of the grace enticing
Charmed stigmata
Forefathers before
Adored for pre-warning hereafter
Therefore stalling on freefalling rafter
Lending seasons
Well presented reasons
To endeavour for
Teardrops in lockets
Pocket keepsakes
When our knees shake
These days
It’s a deep maze
To the place where sacred sheep graze
Need not heave a briefcase
Through remains of changeless weekdays
For we only cry
To buy the time
To find and prime unique shape
Taste the rain
Retrace each pain
Relace the thread of bled veins
Fame the treadway
Through the dead space
Whereby angels play
And demons sway
The same way facing
All embracing
Neath unchanging gaze of raven
Empathetic rhetoric
Effectively salvation

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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