Paso Doble Eyes

Listen to Paso Doble Eyes by Richard Charles Stevens

Listen to Paso Doble by Andre Rieu

See me
Hear me
Feel me
Taste me
Touch me
Heel to toe
Slow down
Hold ground
Stand proud
Breathe out and rush me
Gush into each open pore
For I adore
The flush of colour former life begrudged me

Lady Luck
The floor is yours
To double up the judges’ scores
Earning a dramatic pause
Before robust ovation
Please do lead
For I concede
To be a pupil apt indeed
Delighting so exact a bleed
Thus just in veneration

Paso Doble eyes confide
The luster of the raven
Charmed am I
To trust divine persuasion
Would rather die
A plague of deaths
Than waste the single vaguest breath
On any less
Than stunning elevation

From where I am facing
The spotlight is ours
To empower the moon
On this night to devour darkness
Harness the stars burning bright
As we glance past in ribbons
A vision in brilliant white

Arisen from ashes
With scintillate lashes
I catch rapid flashes of your flawless form in reflection
Frozen in awe
As the floor is ablaze
Thirsting for more
As we roar into flames
Raging the heart
Starting fires in each vein
As a keepsake of warmest affection

See me
Hear me
Face me
Taste me
Touch me
Heel to toe
Slow down
Hold frame
While fallen angels rise again
Lone stars romance the skies again
Reprise each former life nowise begrudged me
You make me proud
To face the crowd
Please take a bow
My lovely

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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© Copyright: Rivers of Grue™ Andre Rieu™


    1. Thank you Mouse. I watched a wonderful Paso Doble a few nights previous and it inspired me to write a poem which encapsulates the dance. Passionate is precisely what I was aiming for, so I’m thrilled that came across. 🔥

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