The Omnipotent Tree

Featured art by Konstantin Makovsky

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Here in our dreams where the beams ever shine
We recline beneath shelter of sweltering pines
It was here in Elysian fields
That two lovers once richened definitive yield
Day and night were the mounts that drew the chariot we rode
Their cordial delight in primordial accents
Which o, so handsomely flowed

Ripened berries were verily plucked from the vine
Embellished to later be relished as wine
Entwined in the braid of the brail of the blind
I read you a fable through tears so refined
They spoke in baroque of lives long left behind
As I gazed at the enduring glaze of thine eyes

Chap-fallen the call of the ancients disgraced
Having dithered within inhospitable place
Howbeit, provided fresh favour and grace
As they traced each contour of your beauteous face
Nose crinkled akin to splendiferous lace
Felt charmed to lean in for considered embrace

Fingertips to fingertips
Lips permitted lingered kisses
Fetching each breath as it skipped length and breadth
Of sweet anniversary wishes
Each century ventured with unending faith
That we could upend each obsidian wraith
To savour this place free of wilt unbecoming
Taking our fill as we swill milk and honey
Indeed, there may never be dawn quite so sunny
As scent of sweet musk dusk narrates

Famed to parade the unchanging devotion
Of sands of time climbing each wave of the ocean
Forevermore wed to the veins of the trees
Henceforth be bled reddened reins of the free
Flowers in bones
Broken chains at our feet
Which tickle each time that we wiggle our toes
In repose of definitive sleep

Here in our dreams we can finally be
Blind in our faith and defiantly seen
Every keen moment delightedly seized
For the cries of the faceless have finally ceased
With whites of our eyes
Rosé skin of our teeth
Exposé of all blight which lies underneath
As our maladies ease neath omnipotent tree
Each little and often we dream

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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