Cleopatra’s Eyes


The original version of Cleopatra’s Eyes has previously been published in All of Me Vol. I, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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The Great Lady of Perfection
This is what I call Her
For She possesses a face which would shame a Seraph
and Her complexion is flawless
I adore the way the light chases Her smile
All the while burning ever so brightly
The trail which this blazes amazes
Would daze and upstage the great Aphrodite

We take counsel nightly
As I set down my sword and my shield
Her eyes open wide and invite me within
Enticing in a manner most concisely

I don’t fight this
Indeed, I must confess
It excites me
Never less than politely advancing
As I would chance both my arms
Come to infinite harm
For one dance in Her trance
For She charms with each glance
As they lance my cuirass
With a thousand sweet slashes
Her long lustrous lashes cause my ashes to scatter

Not that this matters
No Greek tragedy to die by Her majesty’s side
As She spirits me straight back to life
every time I recline in her bosom
I cry like a warrior cries

as She kisses the tears from my eyes
Places her hand gently in mine
She winks and she smiles

Chasing me to Heaven
then suggesting somewhere better
I let her take the lead of course
Proceed with no need for heedless caution
as the glory of Her father exists in those eyes
Those Ravishing

Truth be known
They outright savage me
But said savagery is very much requested
With the jewels of Her dagger I am crested
Never once have I felt quite so rested
Each dazzling embellishment replenishes my strength
and the lengths she traverses to reverse my affliction
are endless
Nothing senseless about feeling
Be that joy
Be that pain
Either way the results are the same

I’m still slain

She has Cleopatra’s eyes
no disguising this truth with the dryness of lies
I bathe in these pools
Make fierce waves in these pools,
and with the Gods as my witness
Shall paint them blood-red
as Octavius falls
These are dangerous tools which she wields
But the harvest they yield
is a field filled with violet
makes the barren land fruitful once more

I adore how she makes life grow where there was none before
As Her breasts swell with love
And Her smile
Puts Mother Nile in the shade

I did say She was playful

Dying in Her eyes
is my resurrection
The inception of something exceptional
Infinitely investable
A suggestible festival
most epical spectacle
And deep within this Vestibule
We bless the water
Bleed the altar
Proceed to seat at a fabulous feast

The dynasty is now complete

I am Hers categorically
As she holds me so close to Her chest
and I gaze up adoringly
She winks and she smiles
and as she glances my sepia tears with her fingertips
four little words cascade in my ears

I am with you

I know then
what ten thousand men don’t
I am

and all that remains
is a single request
For a blessing no less

A kiss … to take my breath away …


Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Truly.

      There are so many ways to express love for one another and the tale of Cleopatra resonates so strongly with us both.

    1. Then you’ve come to the right place Koala. We’ve got you covered. Well, amongst all the eek that is.

      So glad this one resonated with you. We adore Cleopatra and Elizabeth Taylor was truly one of a kind. The love she shared with Richard Burton in that film was otherworldly and, as you know, that is how we describe the love we share. So it seemed like a no-brainer to take a trip back to Ancient Rome and tell the tale through a different set of eyes.

  1. “The dynasty is now complete”

    A truly beautiful tale of love and those 5 lines above just made me burst with happiness. And you sure as Hell know why.

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