The Wheel—By Way of Reinvention

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If all we see is black and white
Then what becomes of colours in-between
If every fear appears to frighten
When’s the time to find some light relief
If all amounts to right or wrong
By all accounts
It’s either or
With neither one desirable
To eyes too tired to call a draw
If all or nothing’s bluffing
Then there’s plenty to be gleaned
If only we’re prepared to do the deed
Then do or die can get high on intrigue

If all we do is snooze and lose
Then are we blue each noon we choose to wake
If all we do is rue the day
Then when pray tell are its dues duly paid
If all we see are lines to draw
Then what’s the exact science for
If all we feel is lacking
Then who washes our supplies ashore
If all’s well that ends well
We are well upon our way
And this is where my verse comes into play

You see
If I can paint a leisured scene
Then you can seek the treasures in its keep
If ever there’s a method
Then my madness is its preface
And I’m glad to say
Progression is the theme
If I die
And you die
Then where’s the I in team that betters we
If I cry
And you cry
Then maybe we could share a handkerchief
If I try
For sky high
And high tide I breach
Then maybe you could fly with same belief
Climb with great incline to brave the reef

If only we can find relief
Each time we fail to find our feet
Then maybe we can reinvent a wheel or three
Beat the odds and spread ourselves more evenly
Tune in to a frequency conveniently clear
Make a play for decency
No need for cavalier
Be the best selves we can be
And reach that higher tier
If only we release the pains that stained our prior years

Grind the gears
Rely on tears
To lubricate the joints
Ruminate on faith such brave anoints
Make a point
Of renovating breaking point
Regenerative case in point
I made it here myself
Found the peace of mind to reinvent a wheel or three
And this revealed to me the key to mental health
If only we are seen to spread the wealth
Then maybe we can reinvent the world

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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