Kingdom Come (Survivor Suite)

Featured art by Kilian Eng

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I walk across the broken glass
grasping faded photographs
portraits of an age long passed
each a Frameless Work of Art

my bleeding heart
tis Opencast
Protruding Part
of Noble Class

came to this place
to expiate
the coup de grâce

Per Chance I Stand Elate
Unperturbed by sloping path
approaching my appointed date
assigned to fate yet

for Thine is the Kingdom
of Power
of Glory
of Greatest Renown
Most Profound Inventory
of the lost
of the Found
Fallen Angels and Gods
of Saving Grace Crowned
in unfavourable odds

the Kingdom is Thine
and this gift I bequeath
of the flesh on my bones and excess underneath
each address dresses Blessing of the Souls within my Keep
Feel obliged to confess
tis Thy Name Alone they speak

for Thine is the Kingdom
of Favour
of Kind
the Famed Queen of Hearts
and the Saviour of Mine

of the Sun
of the Moon
of their Unassuming Bloom
as they shyly advance
Lead the Timeliest Dance

Bid Delight of the Stars
For they charm Crystalline line of sight
in Thine Eyes
Burning Bright
in Thine Eyes

to recline in thine arms
no more kindly demise
Should I die before I wake
Then Blessèd Essence will Perpetually Reside
In Diamonds of Sparkle Enhancing Thine Stride

Thine Kingdom Come
of Entitlement spun
of the Light
of the Shade
of the Mightiest Braid
indeed this Havana I craft in Thine Name
for Thine is the Kingdom
Divine of Blind Faith

for Thine is the Kingdom
of Favour
of Kind
the Famed Queen of Hearts
and the Saviour of Mine

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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