Paradise Refound

Paradise Refound, originally titled Our Place or Nature’s, has been published in All of Me Vol. VI, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Katerina Plotnikova.

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Take a look out of your window
At the beauty all about
At the planet we inhabit
While we work this madness out
For the virus can’t deny us the reprise to end all drought
That of nature at its finest
That of paradise refound

The world is at our fingertips
If only we can see
That we are little more than minnows in a farthest reaching sea
Planet earth is healing
And while that may have us reeling
It’s revealing mankind’s need for reaching deep

We are the architects of more than we’re aware
Once we view the world we live in as a gift for all to share
Matters not our race or creed
For such would be complacency
And hastily translate to great despair

Naked we all are
Awakened laid bare
Vacant our thoughts are
Mistaken for prayer
The wings are in our souls you see
Paroled when we dare pose unique
The goals we seek to reach are often far too realistic
Statistically speaking
The future looks bleak
Unless we’re all prepared to go to seed

Take a look at how the wildflowers grow
Through pavement cracks
To reclaim back their rightful place
Delighting rays of sunlight casting vital flame
Our lives need not be frightful waste
Impressed with fresh perspective
Our waking nights and idle days
Distressed and misdirected

Take a long hard look at nature
Face the fact the human race is actually the only one affected
And maybe make a dash to see the majesty that tragically we cap
When it should never be neglected

The earth is healing at our feet
The skies fulfilled
The air is clean
Our eyes are open wide to see
Sweet nature running wild and free
The world was turning
Way preceding
Mortal claim to rates exceeding
What is ours to take
When we give little in return

Ours is timely message to be learned
A somewhat friendly warning
And for every night we die
There is another fresh life dawning
All the while
Take a look out of the window
It is all about us strewn
Once we remind each morning
Of the height of afternoon
Find the wildest flowers
And delight in how they bloom
Take deep breaths
And dress up in their decadent perfume

Planet earth is healing
Can you feel it pose unique
Somewhat ours to oversee
The wings are in our souls you see
From land to sea
Of grandeur in-between
Once we lean back
Enrapture placid scene

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Take a look at how the wildflowers grow
    Through pavement cracks
    To reclaim back their rightful place

    A very special piece with words I can’t forget. For good reasons too Lion, it spoke to me in a way that destiny wanted in the moment. My wings are unfolding more and more each day.

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