Starlight (Insomnia Remix)

Starlight has been published in All of Me Vol. VI, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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There was starlight in her eyes
A lullaby
As yet unsung
And it was my delight to come undone
From the far side of my rear view
She had glided into clear view
And my heart grew to proclaim
She was the one

We danced late into the night
And there remained until first light
To reignite a flame so striking
It became the most enticing
As it blazed the pale horizon
Into life
And unsurprisingly
Invited me to favour timeless flight

There was stardust in her stride
A lullaby
To my wide eyes
As it confided tales regaled
With not a tiny detail veiled
Of every mighty mountain scaled
Of each untimely fate prevailed
Atop the giddy height of sail
My head felt dizzy to admire
One quite so fitting by my side

We sat in silence
In alliance with the stars we thanked for guidance
And relied on fingertips to be our stylus
Vinyl crackled
Static dappled every groove
As we removed the shackles of the hearts entombed inside us

Life had proved to tide us over
Thus denied us full exposure
Rumouring of final closure
Woes left to betide us
Peeking through the blinds
Had seen reminders to awaken
And I knew that this alarm call
Was too jarring to be markedly mistaken

My heart was hardly vacant
Merely guarded neath my raiments
Her lullaby
As yet uncharmed
Of harmony’s arrangement
And it was my birthright to see it thrive in kind persuasion

There was starlight in her eyes
That touched the dust within her stride
Thus I entrusted every blush of me
To mastering her puppetry
Our strings were wound around each other
From each cycle found as lovers
As below
Twas so above us
Dawning in all shades and colours

For my heart grew to advise
She was the one

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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