Tears of a Clown




Squirt my flower quick give it a tug
It’ll give you a laugh if you do
Don’t be put off by my painted-on mask
or the excessive size of my shoes


The frown on your face I must ask you displace
Upside down is far more appealing
I’ll fashion a dog from this clutch of balloons
and rest them just here on the ceiling


This cycle’s too small but ride it I shall
I’ll do it with less than a fuss
For that is my role and I wear it with pride
I know what to do when needs must




The big top’s in town and the circus awaits
I’m on in just twenty five minutes
Should be quite the spectacle well worth your time
Please be sure to stay til it’s finished


Behind the mascara beyond this clown’s veil
my tears you shall never discern
I’ll cry them in silence hid from plain sight
While beneath they continue to burn


To smile through one’s pain is no walk in the park
it just seems the right thing to do
My tears I shall bottle at least for now
Until my performance is through



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