TOK Murder Crew: Guerrilla Warfare


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Keeper has been to the depths of hell today; Marcus Miller’s own personal playground to be precise. Today heralded the commencement of shooting for the bloody sequel of Matt Farnsworth’s infamous slasher enigma The Orphan Killer and the sweat, the tears and cruel blood began flowing instantaneously. I grew up idolizing slasher; Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees formed the bread and butter of my affiliation and, for years, I have dreamed of somebody breathing new life into the tiring legs of these franchises. The time has come Grueheads to lay these two icons to rest as we herald a new age. The epoch I speak of belongs to Marcus Miller and he signaled his intent today in devastating fashion. Since The Orphan Killer first scrambled onto the scene in 2011 he has taken the free world by storm. Savage is a word that springs to mind as he set upon his hapless quarry with unflinching endeavor. That shit is about to get cranked up to thirteen right now as our angel of death gears up a second time.


Everyone on set knows what is transpiring. We’re witnessing history in the making and Matt Farnsworth is the cruel puppet master pulling each bloody thread together. Today I had the pleasure of watching these strings being worked and the results were off the scale. Over the coming days Keeper will be following the trail of carnage and watching each droplet of blood hit the turf as this legendary slasher icon takes his rightful throne. It’s overwhelming initially. I am aware how much passion, desire and skill are on exhibit here, this is the true sequel the multitudes of fans have been hanging out for. You want brutality? Then look no further as I guarantee that it is here in spades. I shall be delving deeper into production and also reaching deeper into the head of our notorious bludgeoning brute as he starts shattering skulls like hymen.

the_orphan_killer_bound_x_blood (20)

We haven’t even commenced skimming the creme yet, it’s about to go off big time you see. Today we have broken bread with Marcus, seen the reds of his eyes and watched him prepare in his natural environment for the river of grue ahead of his own construction and Farnsworth has caught every macabre moment through his glorious lens. The time to get excited would be yesterday, we’ve arrived Grueheads and the countdown to Armageddon is before us. Raise a chalice, machete and bloody fist as we shall all soon be forever bound by his cruel blood.

TOK: Countdown to Armageddon

the_orphan_killer_bound_x_blood (5)

The beast is stirring
Eyes shot and gums bloodied
Augmented to slay
Terrorizing this day


Cruel blood circulating
Pumping through ventricles
Igniting his hatred
Lust for blood sated


Blood runs crudely
Gushing and tepid
Each subsequent killing
He just grows more willing


A week for the weak
To feel pain he inflicts
Flesh tearing from bone
True suffering known


Behind that mask
Within those eyes
No mercy you’ll find
Just hate and it’s blind


Fists firmly clenched
Grasping the key
To the close of your journey

Atop his gurney


Brutality visits
Knowing no boundary
Not fussy this day
As he lurches this way


Hearts ceasing beating
Blood flowing freely
With unbroken composure
His blade brings harsh closure


Dead before arrival
Bled without mercy
Life snuffed in an instant
Bloodletting consistent


He’s there at your doorway
Dripping steeled intent
Sweet angel of death
Enjoy that last breath



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To sins being committed…raise a chalice,


Sponsored by @TheOrphanKiller
Performances by @MattFarnsworth @DieannFoster
Cruel Art by @MattFarnsworth
Prose and scribing by @RiversofGrue
Copyright Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.



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