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The blood is now officially flowing. Actually the word geyser is more in keeping with how the red sauce was spraying today; multiple fucking geysers, spraying in every conceivable direction. You would be right in your assumption that The Orphan Killer: Bound X Blood has some pretty gargantuan shoes to fill when it comes to the grue but, I can tell you right now for free, fill them it absolutely does. First time out Marcus left a sizable bloody footprint but this was just entrĂ©e. We’re at the meat now, chunks of ruby red cruor spewing from gaping cavities and gushing without any hesitation. It’s been a bloody day at the office Grueheads and we’ve hardly picked the top off the pimple here.

tok_murder_crew_rivers_of_grue (2)

Day two, first kill and it’s a real doozy. Considering the first film was banned in Germany and Australia despite never being submitted for classification, I can say with some assuredness that they’ll be pissing their breaches when they cop an eyeful of what Marcus has in store for them. This movie isn’t likely to soften them any as Matt Farnsworth isn’t a man interested in taking sidesteps. He’s marching this shit forward man, into a new age. Make no mistake that the final product is going to be video nasty material; the kind of stuff deemed as exploitative in the eighties but brought bang up-to-date. The technology which is being implemented alone elevates this way above most films in the genre and none of it is going to waste.

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Matt orchestrates the brutality in a manner that would have any lifetime horror aficionado hard, he wants to see what the wishes his addressee to be made privy to and from every conceivable vantage. He gets it, we want to see something savage, something we won’t want to watch but will watch regardless, through the tips of our fingers while our oral cavities catch flies. This dude’s vision is clear, crystallized even, he knows what works and has already pieced together in his mind how it will view as a final product. Like any great film-maker he is ahead of the game in that respect and his invigoration for just what we are achieving here spreads through a willing, cohesive team all focused on making a great horror movie.

That’s what we want to see right? A great fucking horror movie. One which not only stands up to repeat views but begs for them. I’ve been First Knight of TOK for a year now and one thing which has become abundantly clear is that people know the first film off to pat. We’re talking hundreds of views in some cases and it holds up superbly under scrutiny. When Bound X Blood screens for the first time there will invariably be those with their knives sharpened. Well let me say this to our naysaying friends; you may throw your sticks and your stones, call names and generally disrupt the order as much as you like but, once you return home, and pull on your tiny cocks for the next six minutes over the brilliance of what you’ve just robbed yourself of through closing your minds, you’ll know the real truth. It’ll be staring you in your palm.

the_orphan_killer_bound_x_blood (22)

Bound X Blood is going to throw a bloody cat in amongst the pigeons and move some pretty hefty goalposts for fellow indie film-makers to aspire to reaching in years to come. Then just when they’re getting their balls in deep enough he’ll bust out The Orphan Killer III and it’ll be back to the drawing board once more. Am I making myself clear here? This is plutonium. Two days in and already I can smell the napalm rising from the surface, watching body parts being savagely hacked away can have that effect. I often ponder how it would have felt standing yards away from Tom Savini as he rammed a bayonet through some hapless douche’s barnet in The Prowler and, after today’s bloodbath, I can reenact that shit every time I close my blinkers for the rest of my life. I’m scarred now and in the best possible way. Special thanks to Severed Souls for the perpetual night terrors.

the_orphan_killer_bound_x_blood (24)

Today we also had the lioness prowling for meat. I have to double take sometimes when standing in the vicinity of the positively luminous Diane Foster. She shares that hunger, wears it in those glorious peepers of hers, and is chomping at the bit to destroy our optic nerves when her shackles are removed. Baby Sister is ravenous and, let’s be clear on one thing y’all, her hands are getting bloody. Right now she is thighs deep in production and, like Matt, her eyes are fixed constantly on what works and how to crank the shit out of it. It is a joy to behold and I know how much it means to our King and Queen that this gets done the right way. Every singular fragment of their souls is invested into gifting us something truly unique and it’s a pleasure to be a part of something so organic.

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A little about Matt Horwich or big brother for the uninitiated. As Marcus Miller he brings real beauty to the beast. His wonderful posturing and hulking frame lend themselves brilliantly to conveying the angst and channeled rage of the juggernaut of the film’s title. In addition he has forged a spiritual connection with his character which shows what an exclusive talent he really is. It’s magnificent to witness the fruition of such a stunning infusion of darkness and he wears that bloody mask with his head held high. Over the coming weeks I shall break bread with fellow cast and crew as we all continue on this cruel course of torment. The blood red sky has seen some atrocities today Grueheads and y’all ain’t seen nothing yet.

To sins being committed…raise a chalice,

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Sponsored by @TheOrphanKiller
Performances by @MattFarnsworth @DieannFoster
Cruel Art by @MattFarnsworth
Prose and scribing by @RiversofGrue
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