The Ballad of Barbara Bloch


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Hangman “Revenant’s Prison”



Life can be cruel and death most unkind
Hate’s 20:20 while love remains blind
Hope appears fleeting, despair likes to linger
All appears lost when there’s nothing to find


Darkness replaces that one source of light
Strength dissipates when requested you fight
Life ebbs away as death comes to play
A glorious day yields an ominous night


For Barbara Bloch fate played its cruel hand
It wasn’t concerned with the things she had planned
She’d led a good life, with kindness and care
and wasn’t aware she was already damned


A victim of circumstance, snuffed out by crime
By all accounts now simply wasn’t her time
So much still to see and plans in the making
All ceased as the death toll decided to chime



Hardly a moment to breathe her last breath
No time to prepare for her imminent death
No final words or meaningful actions
A stone cold cadaver was all that she left


Survived by a family left with no clue
Of why she was taken or what now to do
Her passing had left a large void in their lives
The reason for which not one of them knew


Killed for a clutch of loose change from her purse
Is that all that Barbara Bloch’s life was worth?
The villainous cunts who ended her life
shall pay for their crimes when they leave this Earth


Life must go on for those who remain
Eventually they’ll learn to live with the pain
She’s still in their hearts, along with the hope
That death will allow them to see her again



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