I Can



I can’t turn back time or extinguish the pain
I can’t prevent tragedy striking again
I can’t promise you life will always be kind
I can’t provide sight for those who are blind


I can’t ride a camel or play the pan flute
You could hand me a gun but I can’t make it shoot
For I can’t take a life, couldn’t live with the guilt
I can’t destroy something that someone else built


I can’t take a bath in water this shallow
I can’t forge a path through a walkway this narrow
I can’t take back all of the things I have said
I can’t perform magic to bring back the dead


I can’t fall asleep after all that I’ve seen
I can’t guarantee that I’ll wake from this dream
I can’t walk on water or swim on dry land
I can’t run away when entrenched in quicksand





I can halt the slide though, can wrench myself free
I can become who I’m intended to be
I can rise above like a Phoenix from flames
I can still kick ass and I can still take names


I can spread the love and I can extend kindness
In some respects that, in itself, cures the blindness
I can be your rock, if such you allow
I can defy odds and honor my vow


I can walk on water, at least in my heart
I can save my life by existing through art
I can make you smile and I can make you fear
I can raise my voice and I can raise a tear


You can feel my touch, you can see my light
You can feel secure as I squeeze your soul tight
You can trust your gut, let go, take that leap
As I can break your fall, no matter how steep









  1. Oh, I have no words keeper! This was so beautiful, stirs the soul and makes one long to just believe and dream those dreams you thought could never happen. Thank you so much for the inspiration and for your heart that has so such beauty inside. You words touch many because of the honesty and emotion behind them. My favorite verse..
    I can walk on water, at least in my heart
    I can save my life by existing through art
    <3 <3 XO

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