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“I think we should be sticking together Kevin”

Mitch was already clutching his car keys and ready to make off without Patsy and Bijou, who still weren’t answering any calls.

“Mitch. I’m not leaving my sister. Simple as that”

“So what are we supposed to do in the meantime? Wait around to get slaughtered?”

“You can do whatever the fuck you want but I’m not going anywhere without her”

“I’m giving you ten minutes and then we’re getting out of here with or without you”

Naomi stepped up.

“I’ll come with you”

She didn’t relish the idea of going off rambling after witnessing her friend being annihilated but also didn’t fancy sitting around like a sitting duck for round two. Besides, she adored Kevin and wasn’t about to let him make this trek solo.

“Right. Bolt the door as soon as we have left and I’ll call you when we find the others. What did 911 say?”

“They’re on their way”

“Just sit tight then. We’ll be back in a minute okay?”

“Fine. I still think you’ve lost it. What about if something has already happened to them?”

“You don’t have brothers or sisters do you Mitch?”

“You know I don’t”

“I rest my case. I’m not leaving here without Pats”

“You’ve lost the plot son. Why not wait for the police to get here and let them find her?”

This infuriated Kevin who didn’t have time to run through the concept of family with Mitch and lashed out, despite the fact that Mitch was a year his senior and would likely kick his ass. Cerina, who had been in a state of shock for the past five minutes, had seen enough.

“STOP! You fucking morons. This isn’t helping you know. Stupid idiots”

Mitch and Kevin looked first toward Cerina, then one another, and both relinquished their grip on each other’s collars and stepped back. Mitch couldn’t resist having the final word.

“Ten minutes. Then we’re out. I ain’t staying here Kev”

“That’s all we need. You coming then?”

Kevin gestured to Naomi who nodded in agreement and prepared to leave with him. He had no idea that she was sweet for him, despite the fact that she had made no secret of her sexual exploits until now, she had been content admiring him from afar. She was determined not to let her feelings affect their friendship and knew only too well how she was regarded by her peers. Slutty Naomi, good for one thing, that being sucking dick and gargling cum like mouthwash. Many would regard that as two things but she admittedly did it fluently. If he had been aware of her affection then he likely would have acted on his impulses but that would mean a one-night stand followed by excruciating awkwardness. She wasn’t prepared to take that chance with Kevin. She secretly worshiped him and hadn’t even told her best friend Teri-Ann about her infatuation. None of this was important right now; the only thing which mattered was standing by her man.

“Can we take that?”

Kevin held his hand out expectantly for the ax but there was no way he was getting it. Instead, Mitch just stood motionless, clutching it tight to his chest.

“Sorry bro. If I let you take this then what are we supposed to defend ourselves with?”

“I don’t know. Maybe the fact that you’re in a fortified cabin and I’ll be outside with my dick in my hands”

“Did you see what that fuck did to the back of the house? Because of you and your ridiculous notion we’re going to be sitting ducks here”

Kevin decided that disappointment cut deeper than frayed nerves and fisticuffs.

“Thanks pal. Come on Noms”

The pair made their way to the front door while Mitch watched from the window to ensure their coast was clear.

“Go now”

Cerina grabbed Naomi’s hand and wished her best friend luck.

“Stay safe”

“I will. You too”

They left and Cerina procrastinated not in applying the dead bolt the very moment they did.






“Thank you”

“No worries Kevin”

“Can I ask why you decided to join me?”

“Pats and B are my friends too. Besides, I agree. I’d rather be out here with you than waiting around for 5-0 to turn up. The nearest station is almost 20 kilometres from here. Fuck that shit”

“You think they’ll leave us hanging? They do have Mitch’s wheels”

“You’re kidding right. He hasn’t got the balls to make that call, it’s like five minutes hike to the car. He’s too much of a pussy to even attempt it”

“He did pretty well outside earlier”

“That was before he saw what happened to Teri-Ann and Derrick. Oh God, I can’t believe they’re gone”

Naomi burst into uncontrollable tears and Kevin pulled her close to console her. He hadn’t begun to process the information yet; he was too concerned with finding his sibling. He was especially close to Patsy, particularly since his older brother had been banished from the family home on account of his sexual orientation. He had an inkling that Patsy was gay but didn’t share his parents’ prehistoric stance on homosexuality and despised them for breaking up their once happy home. If she and Bijou had something going then that was absolutely fine with him. He actually respected Bijou fiercely for having the courage of her convictions and always knowing her mind. Right now, he just wanted his sister out of harm’s way and he knew she was in good hands. The huddled pair set off in the direction Patsy and Bijou had taken earlier; through the dense thicket to the north west, watching cautiously for any sudden movement.






“Six missed calls. You think something’s seriously up Pats? Naomi sounded pretty shaken earlier”

Patsy took a long, meaningful drag on the joint and closed her eyelids as she exhaled a trail of thick white smoke in perfectly formed rings.

“Right now it doesn’t matter. The sky could drop on us and I wouldn’t give a shit”

Bijou tossed her cell aside once again and nuzzled back into her lover’s bare pelt. It was funny, ordinarily Patsy was insanely self conscious of her somewhat flat chest but that orgasm had wiped out her insecurity for the time being at least. Bijou always put her at ease and hadn’t thought twice about cupping both bosoms in her hands as she flicked for dear life with her famous pierced tongue.

“So you ready to take the next step then?”

“I want to be with you. I know that. But I’d rather just get the summer out of the way before dropping the bombshell on my parents”

“So I get to be your dirty little secret?”

“Filthy. You know I have never cum like that before”

“I know why”

“Go on”

“It’s because you’ve never been in love before now. It’s so much more intense when it means something”

“I know right? Shit, I’m still getting my head round it. I knew how I felt but I don’t even think I had dared to admit it to myself. Does that sound weird?”

“Not at all my love. God, that sounds awesome. My love”

“I am. I’m totally in love with you, you know that right?”

“I know”






“How long has it been?”

“Five minutes. Mitch, we can’t leave without them”

“I’m not even thinking of that. I want to know when the cops are gonna get here”

“Fifteen maybe twenty. You’ve also got to remember that most of the force will be at Oakley’s for the Rancid Monkey gig”

“I hate that fucking band”

“They’re alright”

“In which multiverse are they alright? Their music sucks”

“Did you hear Toxic Love Letter?”

“I especially hate Toxic Love Letter”

Cerina shrugged.

“Maybe it never was meant to be between us Mitch”

“I’m sorry you know. For being a sick puppy earlier. It’s like a tick”

“That’s fine Mitch. You want to know a secret?”

“I love secrets. Shoot”

“I’m not that prissy girl you know, people may think I’m a virgin and that’s fine as I like the anonymity but I’m actually not”

“No shit? For real”

“Uh-huh. Only once but it was a pretty earth shattering experience”

“You sly fox”

“I’m only telling you now because I have a really bad feeling in my stomach”

“Put it out of your mind Cerina. At least, for now. There was nothing we could have done”

“I knew Teri-Ann since pre-school, did you know that?”

“No. I knew you went back but not that far”

“Yeah. We were never as close as I am with Naomi but we used to share a paddling pool back in the day. And now she’s dead”

This would have been Mitch’s cue to console Cerina but he was far too focused on listening out at the front door.

“I think I hear something out there”

Suddenly, there was an almighty blow against the wooden door and it splintered from its hinges, hurtling towards Mitch and pinning his legs beneath the ply wood. Cerina’s scream ruptured from the very pit of her abdomen as the mountain man stepped across the threshold, shattering both of Mitch’s ankles under his immense weight. The discarded ax landed a few feet from the boy’s grip and Cerina make a quick dash to retrieve it, although her legs were threatening to buckle at any given moment. Olaf didn’t move and instead glared at her through his bloodshot eyes; studying his prey like any natural predator would. She backed towards the master bedroom and still not even a flinch from her opposite number. Mitch was still restrained by the splintered timber and had almost passed out on account of the searing pain in both legs.




After poring over Cerina for a sufficient enough time; the fallen teenager became uppermost priority to Olaf and he reached down with his huge grimy left hand to hoist him up, paying no mind to Mitch’s lack of pliability as both kneecaps burst through their denims by his humongous feet. After dangling him single-handedly above his head for a few seconds, he forced Mitch’s cranium into the ceiling rafters conclusively, sending fragments of skull deep into the boy’s rapidly hemorrhaging brain and also shattering most of his vertebra in the process. Satisfied, he hurled Mitch’s defunct carcass in Cerina’s direction as an offering and commenced making headway on her coordinates. She frantically fled to the master bedroom but the mountain man picked up pace and briskly strode after her, taking one step to each two of hers. Within a few moments, he had made up most of the ground and she could hear his grunt directly behind her. As she reached the collapsed window frame she spun around, fully aware that there wouldn’t be sufficient time to make it through the glass-strewn rubble.

Olaf stopped mere feet from her face and committed her image to memory one last time before her planned denouement. Still clutching the ax for dear life, Cerina attempted to swing the weapon but her attack lacked any sort of conviction and simply slid along his broad chest, dropping to the floor straight afterwards as the last crumb of her resolve dissipated. With that, the mountain man’s fascination with his subject passed and all that was left for him to do was to collect his token. He did so by grasping her crown tightly and burrowing his nails into her skullcap, before wrenching it free from her cranium and pulling free a handful of her face cloth. She dropped to her knees and began convulsing, still very much alive but praying for release.




Cerina may have had her entire face ripped away from the muscle but she was fortunate that Olaf was feeling particularly generous as he picked up the ax and showed her exactly how to make a strike count. One swift blow to her exposed jugular and her plight was over. A second blow separated the head entirely from her gushing windpipe but, as it rolled along the blood-varnished floorboards, he instantly lost interest and returned his attention to his fistful of epidermis. Any hopes of fashioning himself a balaclava were thwarted by the fact that the teenager’s face was around half the size of his own and it split both sides as he attempted to wrestle it over his swollen ears. Deeply frustrated, Olaf overturned the bedside dresser on his exit from the room, perforated mask still resting atop his head precariously. Then he spotted something which would have warmed his heart had it not been a block of ice. A staple gun, over by the couch, loaded to the teeth with ammunition. Jackpot for Olaf. Mitch’s uncle Mick was manager for Rancid Monkey in his spare time and used it to put flyers up around town. Right now, while his nephew lay crushed in his front room he was knocking back whiskey and acting twenty years younger than he should at their big gig at Oakley’s. Even more reason for Mitch to hate the band; although that was bye-the-bye now.

With several excitable clicks, the mountain man’s fresh headgear was secured. It may not have been a particularly snug fit but there wasn’t a motherfucker in state who would likely argue the toss with this gnarled juggernaut. He was far too single minded for that; years of fending for himself with no assistance whatsoever had drained away any remaining humanity long ago. He stopped at the mirror and admired his new addition. The staple gun was still two-thirds armed and there were a couple of spots around both cheeks which required a little extra furnishing. Once contented, he marched out of the open doorway and into the woods to the northwest of the cabin, using the scent of his next prey’s fear to inform his dastardly judgement.




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