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“Hurry up Noms”

Kevin was anxiously looking around as he waited for Naomi to relieve herself in the bushes. Unfortunately, all the alcohol she had consumed earlier had decided to exit all at once.

“I’m starting to feel a little uneasy here”

“Won’t be a sec. You want me to try Bijou’s phone again while I’m here?”

“No. I would rather you get back. This place is starting to freak me the hell out”

“Tell me about it. You know how hard it is to pee when you’re scared shitless?”

“Just hurry up will you? We’ve been fifteen minutes already and Mitch ain’t gonna wait forever”


Naomi grabbed a couple of dock leaves and gave herself a quick wipe, before zipping up her jeans and making her way back to join him.


“Don’t worry about it. We’d better press on, give her another try”

Naomi fumbled her cell from her jacket pocket and pressed redial.

“It’s going straight to answer phone now”


“Can’t you try your sister?”

“She never carries her phone with her. It’s so frustrating”

“Well how are we supposed to find them?”

“I’m not sure. I can’t believe they traveled this far into the woods. I’m starting to think the worst you know”

Kevin was struggling to stay composed and the tears were beginning to well up in his eyes, contemplating what may have happened to his beloved sister.

“Don’t. They’ll be fine, you’ll see”

Naomi, sensing his growing desperation, gave Kevin a gentle squeeze and hang it out for a few moments until he pulled away and returned to the task at hand.

“Come on Noms. We’d better push on”

“Which way?”

“I don’t honestly know. It’s all beginning to look the same to me. Forward I guess”






“Battery’s flat”

Bijou placed her depleted handset back into her coat pocket and continued dressing.

“Do you think we oughta start making tracks?”

“Yeah I guess so”

Patsy was a few seconds behind with getting her shit together and still tingling from the best orgasm she had ever encountered.

“You gonna get dressed or not?”

“I don’t know. Part of me just wants to lay out here all night”

Bijou provided the voice of reason, even though part of her agreed with Patsy’s logic.

“They’re going to start getting worried about us”

Patsy pouted.

“I know”

She began collecting her belongings while Bijou packed up the blanket.

“I’m wondering what was so important that Noms kept calling like that”

“We have been gone a long time B”

Bijou glanced at her watch as he slid it back onto her dainty wrist.

“Shit, you’re not wrong. Over an hour we’ve been gone”

“I know right? I kind of lost track of time there for a bit”

“How you feeling?”

“Are you kidding. I feel fantastic. My whole body is still tingling”

“Mine too. That was monumental”

Patsy had now gathered her clothes and was almost ready to leave.

“So you’re okay with keeping this between us then? For now I mean”

“Course. It’s nobody else’s business but ours anyway. But you do know that we have to come clean at some point”

“I know. I actually think Kevin would be cool about it you know. It’s mom and dad I’m dreading telling after how they reacted when Josh came out”

“Do you still hear from him?”

“Barely. The last time he called was three months ago but he insisted I didn’t tell them”

“Maybe they’d surprise you”

“B. Honey. You’re the smartest person I know by a long chalk and you’ve met my parents. Have you ever once seen any pictures of Josh around the house”

“They really did disown him?”

“Cut him off without a second thought. Wouldn’t return his calls and even had the land line cut off”

“Shit Patsy. That’s cold”

“I know. They were so proud of him when he graduated. I’ve caught mom crying a couple of times when she doesn’t know I’m there. I think she still feels bad”

“But your pops?”

“Nothing. As far as he’s concerned Josh is dead to him”

“How can you be like that with your own flesh and blood? Sorry Pats, don’t mean to bug out on him”

“I don’t care. He’s a shitty father anyway”

“Well listen. I won’t push alright? In your own time, there’s no rush. We’re together now, regardless of what anybody else says. Pinky swear?”

A huge grin spread across Patsy’s cheeks and her whole face lit up.

“My dirty little secret”

“Filthy remember”

The pair linked fingers and Bijou planted a soft kiss on Patsy’s forehead.

“I love you too you know”

I know”






“Patsy? Bijou?”

“They’re not here Kevin. Don’t you think we should be heading back now? The police will be here soon”

“I can’t just leave her here”

“No offense sweetheart but we’re in around thirty acres of woodland here. They could be anywhere”

“I can’t leave her Noms. Just can’t do it”

“I’m not asking you to. But if we go back, we can get some help”

Kevin contemplated that for a moment. Suddenly, she tugged on his shoulder.




He looked over at where she was pointing and there was definite movement in the trees behind them.


“I don’t think that’s them Kevin”

Patsy gripped his arm tight and began attempting to pull him away. He resisted and left her standing while he jogged over to investigate the sound.

“Kevin. Don’t”

“It’s alright. Patsy?”

He reached the swaying thicket and separated the overhanging branch with his flashlight. It was a wounded deer, twitching wildly as it appeared that it had taken a significant knock and was dragging its rear legs, which were sheathed in fresh blood. It looked as though in considerable pain.

“It’s a deer”

“Great now could you come back please?”

“I can’t just leave it, it looks like it’s suffering. Shouldn’t I put it out of it’s misery or something?”

“No Kevin. You should leave it and come back here okay?”

Kevin pondered whether to break the animal’s neck but didn’t have the heart. Instead, he turned back toward Naomi.

“Fuck. Noms look out!”

She was completely oblivious to the hulking figure approaching her from her rear. As his warning registered, she swung around, and took a solid blow to the face with Olaf’s right hand, knocking her a good ten feet and careering into a nearby oak.




The mountain man wasted no time in following up his attack with another, this time picking her up by her ankle and swinging the shell shocked girl around his head as though she were a rag doll. Kevin could only watch on in horror as she made contact with the tree a second time, shattering her spinal column on impact. There was nothing he could do for her now and even less once Olaf reached into her mouth and removed her entire upper jaw with one baleful yank. He then proceeded to crush it decisively, until which point as he was left with a handful of molars. They would look simply delightful on a necklace, although considering the girth of his thick trunk an ankle bracelet would probably be a more realistic aspiration for Olaf.

Kevin had finally concluded that he had seen quite enough and sidestepped the injured deer, heading back toward the cabin for grim life and choking back a tear tsunami. Olaf was initially disinterested and was more concerned with feasting on the dead girl’s still flapping tongue. His parents had taught him one thing before their deaths; eat little and often. After satisfying his growling belly, the mountain man returned his attention to his next target and strode briskly off to claim him.




“Pats. Did you hear that?”





A wave of consternation washed across Patsy’s face and the tingle in her haunch was replaced by a sudden sickness in her abdominal basement.

“I’m not tripping am I? That was a scream wasn’t it?”


Bijou took the lead, holding Patsy close behind her as she began moving with caution.

“I’m beginning to think something’s seriously wrong B”

“That was probably just Teri-Ann in the throes of passion with Derrick. You know they call her Lassie don’t you?”

“I’ve heard that yes”

Despite Bijou’s best attempts at keeping her girlfriend calm, Patsy was starting to feel decidedly less chipper. Bijou, who could never be accused of not being attentive, decided to change the subject.

“So what do you think of Derrick anyway?”

“Don’t know really. Haven’t really given him much thought if I’m honest”

“I don’t think I like him”

“Why’s that?”

“I don’t know. A hunch. Since he’s been on the scene we’ve hardly seen her. I think he’s changing her and not for the better. The moment we arrived here he whisked her off to the bedroom as though he wasn’t interested in hanging out with the rest of us”

“He’s probably just shy”

“Trust me, that one is certainly not shy. I think he’s only interested in fucking her until the next one comes along and leaving us to pick up the pieces”

If only Bijou knew. Right now, a dustpan and brush would be the best way to gather Teri-Ann’s multiple shredded pieces.

“Well, as your bitch now, I guess it is my obligation to hate him too”

“You’re so much more than just my bitch. I’ll prove it to you too”

“Sounds intriguing. How?”

“A tattoo on my ankle. Your initials. What do you think?”

“Really? You’d do that for me?”

“Sweetheart. I may be a lot of things but confused ain’t one of them. It’s you and me now. How does that make you feel?”

“Honored. Humbled. Fucking stoked.Like I just want to run away with you the moment we get back”

“No rush. I’m not going anywhere”

Patsy was the first to notice the almighty bloody mess over by the tallest oak in the wood.

“Oh my God”

Bijou turned to discern what Patsy had spotted and her pupils dilated instantly as she drank in the horrific scene.

“Holy fucking shit. Is that Noms?”

Patsy had no answer. It was barely calculable, such was the hideous manner in which she had been dispatched and scattered about like human confetti. Both girls broke into tears although Bijou was still mindful of her role as protector and covered Patsy’s face as she desperately tried to process the grim visual. Suddenly another cry rang out, this time clearly belonging to Patsy’s younger brother.

“Oh shit. Kevin”






Kevin’s tank was running on empty. Being a solid twenty a day Marlboro man didn’t help him greatly when it came to sports day selection. He was almost back at the shack now and had begun to recognize the track he had walked earlier with Naomi. Behind him, Olaf was gaining ground fast and it was looking questionable whether he would make it back the remaining hundred yards or so. His hopes took a boost upon hearing sirens in the distance. It was evidently only a single unit, the Rancid Monkey gig had turned awry after one of the band members had a bottle of Becks lobbed at his head during their performance so personnel was at a premium. It mattered not right now whether only a solitary squad car had been committed as it meant at least one loaded gun to take this monstrosity down before Kevin was torn limb from limb.

He reached the opening by the front of the shack and breathed the most short-lived ever sigh of relief as his eyes relayed back the flickering blue and white sirens of the cop car making its descent down the trail towards the cabin. After his tiny breather, he took another look over his shoulder and Olaf was mere yards from his position and growling his intent, while firing off a few rounds from the staple gun. The next few clips already had designs on attachment. Kevin’s party trick was his abnormally stretchy skin and he often pulled his excess neck baggage out to impersonate an iguana. It went down a storm at social gatherings and had proven quite the ice-breaker on occasion. His macabre blessing was about to become his curse as Olaf was already eyeing up a neck scarf of his own. He’d always wanted one of those.




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