An Ode To The Grueheads


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The Temper Trap “Sweet Disposition”




It’s been a long pilgrimage one fraught with danger
I’ve taken it all in my stride
The concept a year ago couldn’t be stranger
of no longer living inside


From existing within I took those first steps
away from my anguish and torment
You woke up the nodes the ones I had kept
tucked away formerly dormant


I glanced at the world through the very same eyes
but did so with new found conviction
Imagine my shock at the joyous surprise
that my pain bled straight into my fiction


Not wishing to dally I nurtured this seed
Allowed it to bloom unperturbed
I clutched at my soul and requested it feed
from every last solitary word



Belief was an alien concept to me
before I commenced my ascension
The thought of believing seemed nonsense to me
yet I entered without apprehension


What was there to lose when already lost?
How far deeper down could I plummet?
I invested said soul regardless of cost
and set off in search of my summit


I stand by my choice with no doubt in my mind
my decision is justified daily
I’m finally free now no longer confined
it just took some kindness to save me


Compliments can be a hard thing to hear
sometimes it’s just easier doubting
It’s effortless reclining huddled in fear
declining to take such an outing



I leapt like a salmon I didn’t look down
if I had then the shock may have killed me
As I torpedoed down towards treacherous ground
the concept of falling just thrilled me


Hands all around gently breaking my fall
shielding me until danger subsided
Convinced me to test my legs out and stand tall
and never again be divided


Something bizarre then began to transpire
utterly unprecedented
I learned to empower learned how to inspire
with belief in myself now cemented


Every last one of you lifted me up
each kind word I cherish so dearly
For each reassurance and message of love
is scribed across my heart sincerely



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  1. If any of us thought we were great we never would be. Scribblin is the only way to pick the scabs away leaving us bleeding and raw yet stronger by the effort with the scars to mark the journey. Scribble on Keeper there may yet be a few scabs left to peel away.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. I always liked scabs too; used to enjoy eating them from my kneecaps. I thought it made me strange at the time but now I realize it just makes me human. Scribble on too my dear friend. Let’s pick some scabs together!

    2. Scabs
      crustations on the human soul
      scars left for us to behold
      a big one here
      a small one there
      journies travelled
      we can compare
      to others who have travelled that road
      the where we met
      the one where we stand together
      so many stories to be told.

    1. Windows at a stretch but only if you bake me macaroons. Actually it depends, you don’t live in a high-rise do you? If so, then I think I’d rather do the dishes thanks.

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