Deeper Than Skin

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Recently learned I’m a beautiful creature
My frown I now wear upside down
Could have sworn I owned not one feature redeeming
My theory for which appeared sound

Glancing in the mirror
With an ungrateful scowl
Dancing in the dark
As with the lights on
I was positively foul

Suddenly the best days of my life were some way gone
As I discerned the stir of echoes through the grapevine throng
Duly subdued by self-punishment strong
When I was innocent and framed up all along

How did I allow this to continue for so long
Before I got around to wiring every sprawling sinew into song
It’s not that the voices in my head were wrong
But then we never did really get along

They told me I was sexless as a medicated preacher
That nobody would ever see the best of me
Called it par for course for such remorseless thoughts to pester me
Suggesting I get mental hysterectomy

In utero along the road to nowhere
Life denied all rumours of a best of three
Requesting me to see no beauty mirrored, only beast
With eyes on vilifying then molesting me

At this point, seemed no sense left expressing my unease
Thus, dropped both shoulders
Gritted teeth and got down on my knees
Knew there was a reason for the dimples on my cheeks
Alas, on strength of treason
The future seemed so bleak
Leaving me at massive disposition, feeling atrophied and weak

May well be a freak
A country mile beyond my peak
At least, to those who still believe that beauty truly is skin deep
But I no longer feel so keen to hold the camera three feet in ascendancy
Perhaps this time I’ll leave the filter
Seems to make more sense to me

Recently learned I’m a beautiful creature
My frown I now wear upside down
Just took someone sweet to point out each redeeming feature
Lift me up
Not leave me halfway down

These sightly feet of mine
Once planted firmly on the ground
Need never be impounded
For they leap with stride profound
No longer splayed apart
Have been informed I look the part
And this lifelong pauper in all matters of the heart
Was in the heartbeat of an instant duly crowned

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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