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DMX “Ruff Ryders Anthem”



Silly rabbits. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had to contend with these pathetic wastes of tissue and their leering peepers. They appear to see a prize, a trophy to flash to their friends, but they really do have no idea how misguided they truly are. You see, I just happen to eat little boys like them for breakfast and have never been one for skipping lunch either. Little and often they say, so I meet them halfway. Let’s just say I seldom go hungry. According to their microscopic minds, I’m just something to objectify. A pretty face with no name. Just another notch on the bedpost. Such merry delusions. If only they had the faintest clue who they’re dealing with here, then perhaps their pitiful existences wouldn’t be one more snark comment from being snuffed the fuck out. Sound like fighting talk? You learn fast.

I’m a ruffrider you see and no stranger to twisted metal or the fun and games that come with it. Indeed, for my latest fender bender, I managed to dislocate my shoulder and shouldn’t need to point out that it smarted like a motherfucker. Well, that was until I cracked it straight back into joint in front of a crowd of startled onlookers, without a solitary second of thought. It’s not that I enjoy pain. Alright you’ve got me, it does make me a little wet. But I do appreciate the process. Better out than in right? And why not celebrate each spike? After all, it won’t stick around forever. Unless we put on a brave face and swallow it down, in which case, it’ll just bleed us out internally. I’d much rather take it straight in the chin dimple and give less than zero fuck badges about damage limitation. Do your worst blinding pain and I’ll be only too glad to reciprocate.

Drink your milk little boys. You’ll need all the protein you can get if you think me fair game. Do I look like a grass grazer to you? Can you not envisage my incisors ripping into a bloody rib eye? How long do you reckon it would take for me to carve that Plasticine heart of yours out of its cellophane and suck it dry? You better pack up cos once I start to rack up, the bodies are all set to stack up. Of course, you could choose to call my bluff and I downright double dare you to. I’ll have that hunk of spoiled meat out of your thorax in less than no time, let me assure you. Scandalize mine and I’ll make a personalized necklace from your spinal beads. And just for the lulz, I may just fashion myself a matching ankle bracelet while I’m at it. Still reckon you can handle me? Well, be my guest you chive dipped cracker.

I’m trying to find a balance though, you know. Hollow points aside, I’m all about the gin and juice. You know,


laid back
kickin it
trigger cocked but not trippin it

flippin it to reverse
spit some verse

drop some




did I learn that shit in college?

Hell to the fuck no
streets had me covered yo
fucked – the – little – princess – right – out – of – me


ive buried …


Friends man


seen their names carved into the tip
just to hear it go




one way bullet-fuck straight to the




no dodging
no bluffing





theres your streets right there

theres your angst

your despair

and i


if you tell a single motherfucker you see me cry


i will strike you right down where you stand




tear the larynx straight out of your throat
not to gloat


but to show
how i roll
how i ride

how im wired





hidden treasure

made to measure


and they sparkle


they dazzle

skip through pain straight to the




take a dip in my honey brown eyes

they tell no lies

button down

taste my sweetness its sour


its a plague to Devour

just for you


nothing false to report

its all good

up in here im respected



and you see

I happen to be well connected


murder raps all the way

watch us drive-by and slay

see us


just like mickey and mal


but more


much much more


everyday something new to adore

light source

turns the luminaries in heaven
pale green




way beyond comprehensive



and check this

it was

Always. Within.


like second skin



And I believe it is.


these exquisite new clothes made for two


let us

Fire and Ice


prep shit up for the splice


then resume


peppermint shotgun





trippin snares


breaking beats


so you see

silly rabbits


you would really do well to


as this beast cant be caged

holding far too much rage

and I got some mad love for the street



greykeeper fusion headline

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