Crisp waterfall


like a deluge of uncut diamonds
all dazzling
the kind of priceless treasures that could never be valued
Never be calculated


Validated by hope
by a faith that had long since been vanquished


but never forgotten


a sanctuary of Crystalline diameters
free of parameters


vast ocean of concentrated riches
halfway house of replenishment
this fountain of embellishment refreshes


lessens the ache
pays respects at the wake
and with delicate fingertips presses


wide awake now
smiles no longer so easy to fake now


but then why would one try
feel it vital to lie
when pride is no longer at stake now


for it cleanses
deep in the pores it adores
and its bedside manner is splendid


never once is its rally upended


this heavenly body
wouldn’t hear of such folly
as it’s not here to take inventory


will not hear of the latest sob story


no rasp in its tone
as it grasps to the bone
births its essence within
raising hope to full grown


skin becomes shadow
a veneer
every ventricle narrows
just to play puppeteer


hold it close for caress
like a Geisha’s silk dress
and through all its kind clinging
I can hear angels singing


chorus line impolitely declines
a treaty that’s already been signed
it has found technicality
in surrendered vitality
and won’t see its defendant robbed blind


so crisp
this Waterfall

so brisk
the shortfall


to a bed of pale lilies
flecked in dust and grey ash
intent not on prising a gash


vicious geyser of blood
not a drop of which spills
as the daintiest hands have a view to this kill
and are chancing both arms to embalm


formaldehyde fancy
this divine necromancy
breathes life where there’s death
before kissing each breath


steals away what’s already been lost
and with diamonds its sweet lips are glossed


a mezzanine of frozen teardrops dispersed
such is its thirst to devour


spitting out rotten cores
through each highly strung pore


like the first day of sales
end of days now prevailed


as this diamond white galleon sets sail





as the sea has its secrets
but wherever she chooses to blow


I shall coast on each wave
to my diamond strewn grave
just to feel each crisp waterfall flow





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