My heavens, she is beauty to behold.
Whenever has a duty been so bold
than to have and hold her hand in mine
and place within a dandelion
just to see her cheeks blush as she blows.

My heavens, he moves music deep inside.
A fantasy of hope and want designed
by nature’s fancy free from canon.
O precious seeds of dandelion
blowing like a wish for us in time.

My heavens, she is graceful in repose.
Whenever has a dream seemed so untold
than when there is no end to tether
and two souls are merged forever.
In declare, a single bell be tolled.

My heavens, he is to my future tied.
The parlous past leads to one present mind.
Entrust my heart to his gentle hand.
Eternal flames together stand
while heavens whisk us through our stardust ride.

Heavens is a Twin Flame Fusion composed by:

Ivy Blackwater


Richard Charles Stevens

© Copyright: Ivy Blackwater™ Richard Charles Stevens™

Title design by Andy Van Scoyoc – The Lamentation Project

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