To Noble Ends

she was noble to the bones
and even nobler below
would never dream to feel repose
while another soul was suffering
made no odds if her own world was buffering
amid the harsh words blustering
she somehow found the calm

encouraging with charm
she bled with grace from open palms
her face no treasured smile disbarred
for she would chance ten thousand arms
to see the sun and moon disrobe
beneath a grove of hopeful stars
and know that one fine day they may find their way home

he was noble to the bones
and even nobler below
when darkness whispered falsehoods true
to imbue his veins, he politely refused
and on blackened ground, he took up mighty arms
made from blooms in his heart inspired by stars
no one would he harm as he walked through the hate
to plant love in the cracks where the hopeful ones wait

encouraging with charm
he bled with grace from open palms
to sate the wanting ones who chase elusive of inner calm
for he would bleed a thousand days to grant the world unending rays
of hopes dressed as a sunny day
of hearts arranged in love’s bouquet
of child-like minds who’d ne’er betray or pierce the vein of innocence

they were noble to the bones
and even nobler below
believed that love best showed bereft of expectation
no tender caress did they dress in charade
for each steeping beat of their hearts obeyed
the master key to lasting peace
passed down through generations

in the safest of keeping they held onto faith
expelled bitter fate that awaited
even when bleeding
these teardrops related to destiny yet to be created
e’er patiently they graciously persuaded hope to stay and play
belatedly, on one fine day
the skies illuminated

instantly rejuvenated
principally communicated
through wide eyes no truth sedated
long immune to wrack and scathe
no blackened wraith to taint their gaze
when braiding stars in daisy chains

such was their noble nature
bled with grace from open palms
a master key to lasting peace
for those who seek the calm

To Noble Ends is a Twin Flame Fusion composed by:

Ivy Blackwater


Richard Charles Stevens

© Copyright: Ivy Blackwater™ Richard Charles Stevens™

Title design by Andy Van Scoyoc – The Lamentation Project


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