Antithesis of Hatred




The following prose may ruffle some feathers. Should this be the case, then please go back and read again, only this time heed it to the letter. Stay keen to the title – Antithesis of Hatred – as this makes it plain as day which way I’m facing. Not in this for disgracing. And, to our beloved Twitter family, this bleed need not apply to any single one of thee. Indeed, it need not apply to any one person in particular. The dismay I feel on this day, no way singular.


– Lion –



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Okay slugger
What’s the beef?
Why do you form fists behind your back
Tell me, what’s the crack
Are you holding onto something
And if so, then there’s no time like the present just to have this out
Take your shot by all means
If it pleases you to do so
As for me, I’m done with gritted teeth
Could do without the grief and have no real desire to squint my eyes when flanked on left and right, depriving precious air to breathe


That’s something that we all need
Unless I am mistaken
Grew up in a slaughterhouse and soon grew tired of bacon
Not the kind to chew the rind of unkind observation
Turned the corner, did so blind, and now I know precisely which direction I am facing
The only way that makes a face at pain and dresses down the frowns
Walks away from stomping grounds and romps to fresh horizon
First and second prize comprising love not hate and up not down
So why pray tell, the death knell, need this really be a ghost town
We’re all a little haunted
Be the very first to flaunt this
But I’m learning see
Discerning bleeds
Besides, a sea of healing hands have nurtured me


All I wish to feel is gentle breeze upon my feet
Instead, the fiercest gush of nothing much to touch upon the passing leaves
Nothing left but artistry impressing through the art of bleed
Something wicked this way comes, is headed straight on course for me
Regimented thorns of scorn that warn of unborn sympathy
Silently they creep, dig deep within the skin, commence to cleave
Open wide and lock their jaws to cause the flow of oxygen to cease
Catch me unawares, declaring no signs of release, at least, the kind inclined to set me free, unleash the beast from leash with eyes that only bleed sincerity


There’s truth within these eyes, you see
They cry, they sob, they mourn, they weep
My soul to take and heart to keep
I dare to dream a little dream of bigger things and open seas
Has to be another way, already came undone back at the breakdown
Not sure I can stomach yet another uninvigorating shakedown
Kick me says the sign upon my back and that’s a takedown I don’t feel should be exacted
What’s the crime?
I’ve done my time
Must I really reenact it?


Tell you what, I’ll turn my back and count to ten, then ten again
Stab me if it pleases thee to sign the deeds to needless pain
See me please before too late to take back all the negligence
Must I be stone cold and dead before you heed the evidence
I’m still healing
Can you not see
We all are
Not only me


There’s truth within these eyes that bleed
They cry, they sob, they mourn, they weep out rivers of integrity
Evidently drowning, sick to death and back of growling
Look deep into these eyes and you’ll discern one thing – sincerity
Need I spell it out a thousand times until my face turns blue
Show me that I mean one thing exceeding nothing much to you
Last thing that I wish to do is fluster you, that’s not my cruel intention
Would much rather proceed to comprehension of the fact that every dream you paint jet black equates to part of me I can’t claim back


Been to hell and back and while aware I’m not exclusive
Two by two you hit up snooze and I’m the one who loses
The ghost within the tree is vaporizing right before your eyes
Reaching out with arms outstretched
In very plainest sight
Playing ring around the bloody roses, set to all fall down
When all I ever wished for was to make my father proud of me
Mute me if you don’t care for the sound of me
But spare a thought for what you’ll lose upon such time as I am not around


I’m true, I’m real, I am sincere
A far cry from the broken toy of yesteryear
My love and I are crystalline
While others share the light we shine
Together we are better
So what say you drop the hatchet
Send a little love my way and I’ll do more than match it
Twin flame in my eyes as I rise dignified from ashes
Come and join my side, let’s match our strides and put the past behind us
Time has come to stand united
Not a one soul uninvited
Make some darkness into light
Educate and tastefully inspire


Lover, not a fighter
Too tired to slug it out
How about we draw the line
And shake some shadows out
Make this not about ourselves
Use our gifts and use them well
Tell our tales and make them count
And all the while, remain devout to making this world better
Let it go
Let’s do this thing





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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