Blessèd Be Thy Wake




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Akira Yamaoka “Promise”





Every fiber of my being
Adores you, one and all
Words come cheap, I get that
No expense spared when I say
That love can find a place
Providing we proceed to heed its spaceless, timeless call


Love can offer helping hand to those inclined to fall
Hate debates, while love comes good
On its knees, while love stands tall
May well sound like cliché or the blathering of hopeful fools
But rebel hearts build ramparts when provided with just cause


Not the kind confining one and all to self-made prisons
Not the kind inclined to while away our lives in tidal waves of shame that break high tide inside the schism
Not the kind to sit on fences pensively and ponder
Not the kind to raise defenses every time alarms are raised
Not the kind to shy away from prying eyes that hide away in bunkers of unkind design and lust for blood each time we wander


Not when we’re united
And here within the rivers blind, the sightless need not feel so uninvited
The voiceless have a voice, free will, all choices are our own
With softness we rejoice at something very much home-grown
It’s all too easy getting queasy, dropping to our knees, receding
Bleeding hearts long since exceeding what is deemed capacity
Who has the audacity to say we’re done and dusted
When did we stop trusting guts and glorifying nothing
Why do we see fit to call the bluffs of those so uncomposed to bluffing
Surely it’s all too good to be true


Once sorely mistaken
Precautions are taken
Foundations are shaken
And house of cards fritter


Dancing in darkness, we fumble for light which the shadows deny us and grow all-inclusively bitter
Runts of the litter and designated hitters of one-size-fits-all mentality
Three strikes and out-of-time to hit that sixer
Not a single thing to do with vanity
Nothing vain about terrain that entertains the gain in pain, can find the kind of sane residing in insanity


Greyhounds racing out the traps
We race the track with blinkers lifted
Balance shifted, shifting at the breakneck speed our blind faith gifts us
May well be a photo finish, dipping for the line
Howbeit, slips and trips are hurdles clipped as kind reminders
Let us know what lies behind us
Clears a path before us
Once we accept that someone on this panicked planet finger fucks the static and emphatically adores us


Every fiber of my being
Implores you, one and all
To see that these are more than words
It’s really not all that absurd
Lives can change, rename each shame, retrain our brains to breathe again
Leave it to the thieves to feed off blame through choking verse
Providing we just break the chains and elevate from timeless curse
Spin the hearse to take it home
And blessed be thy wake


Understand exclusive worth, conducive to the rebirth of a dearth of reasons not to leap and steepen sense of feeling
Once we start revealing rebel hearts no longer pausing
Then we tend to bend the rules and fool our own parameters
Amateur theatrics are then called out as the antics of pedantics


Meanwhile, down on Broadway
Auditoriums are heaving
Seeing is believing
Hence, ovation notwithstanding
We all hold hands and take a bow
Make precious things our sacred vow
The time has come now to prevail
Within the rivers of the frail


With rust and stardust, teeth and bones
We lusting monsters live to groan
Entrusted with a plus size hope
That dreams we weave with hands that grope can burst the seams of vast imaginations
Faraway from ties that bind, eclipse our inner sight
Praise this one fine day
For we are coming home this night


With every fiber of our being
Poised upon the shoulder-blades of faith parading giants in the shade of second sight
Seen to be believing





© Copyright: greykeeper ™ Chapel Black ™



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