Spinning the Cycle




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Based on and fused from a short poem called “Caught in The Spiral” by the virally beloved Willow in The Weeds. We adore those lovely bones of yours to the dust within their dust. Light from darkness? Got ‘cha covered Sister.


– rabbit and lion –



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Thoughts racing
Head spinning
No way that this is winning
Brain stalling
Free falling
Talk it out and when you’re done, go make yourself a living


Simply want to give up
And possess no stretch desiring to inspire myself to dump the slump and get up
Hard to live shit up when feeling bogged down and dog rough
Gotta try and keep up
Or run the risk of getting left behind
In the right place and time to lose remainder of my freaking tweaking mind
Give it a week and maybe I’ll be feeling fine
Primed to leave this time-insensitive bullshit behind
Searing buzz of static interfering with a lifetime habit
Draw the line and sign disclaimer covering my back


Should actions from this point forth be thought to be erratic
Then best defense would surely be attack right?
Tried my best to hang tight and I’m down to skin of teeth
Sight now realigned to ascertaining just what lies beneath
Straining eyes discerning prize
Howbeit, a good country mile away in distance as the raven flies
Thoughts racing
Head spinning
Constant spin of filthy linen
Brain stalling
Free falling
Tough to catch a break when sprawling


Chalk up to experience or blame it on delirium
Make it clear I’ve reached my limit
Fuck it, got to make that living
Do not wish to give up
Not desiring getting hett up
But why does my life feel like one hung, drawn and quartered set up way too stubborn for the let up
Someone up there must be getting their fair share of kicks
No expense to spare as they commence to tear asunder, steal away my thunder, plundering their flesh pounds for next fix


Wouldn’t they rather be eating the rich?
Plentiful gristle on rind
Walk me to slaughterhouse, skin me and split me
Will find precious little on mine
Have to escape this perpetual cycle
Grind the one organ that offers endorsement to all that is fortuned and vital
Learn every line and until such a time as stage fright then exits stage right
Find the inner playwrite and play to crowded house in stood ovation of recital
Milk the adulation
Not to boost my own immunity
To bolster a community in dire need of something to believe in
We live in a cynical world
Breathe in emissions, not given permission to stray from their path of perdition


Life it moves rattlesnake fast
And will pass in around half the time it requires to draw line and outline desirable mission
In the right place to gain controlling stake, attain a piece or three of peace of mind
Finding inspiration now in all the rightful places
Suddenly, a sea of smiling faces far and wide
Thoughts still racing
Head still spinning
However, never ever less than winning in endeavor
Faith leaping
Free falling
Rivers deep and mountains high
Sometimes it is easier to fly
Touch the void, avoiding outer limits of the sky
Vast imagination
Can then spirit us away
Play the organ, elevate some way from daily grind
Find some time to meditate
Ask the universe some questions
Just remember where it is the truest answer lies
Got the strength inside
Hand in glove with love enough to never one time fluff our lines


Call our own damn bluffs
As battles tend to trend within
Take in all the wisdom that’s available and jack it in
Cherry pick if necessary
Let head race
Allow your head to spin
Break the cycle
Make it vital
And next time that you fade to black and fate makes haste to crack its knuckles
Fuck it in its rightful hateful whole
Forward facing, motherfucking


See you in the soup kitchen




© Copyright: greykeeper ™ Chapel Black ™


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  1. “Find the inner playwrite and play to crowded house in stood ovation of recital
    Milk the adulation”

    Please do this Greykeeper!!! Incredible work!

    1. Blown away as ever Mouse. The belief you instill is like nitrous to quill. Thank you dear, sweet Freckles. From way, way down deep in the soul.

    1. Me too Koala. Had fun delivering that line in particular. We picked the same cherry there dear one.

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