Spitting Atom




Featured art by the incredibly gifted Irene Langholm. Click title image to peruse her wares. Dedicated to the sempiternal soul of Keith Flint and to his number one fan in Norway.




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Let’s not get this twisted
I am a firestarter
That’s my gasoline and yes indeed that is my lighter
One time disposed of teen at your convenience
Would agree to come back at a time more convenient
Yet, there’s a scene to set and better yet I’m set to working up a sweat


Threat detected, danger present, silhouetted, petulant and downright omnipresent
Pulling rank like bad goddamn lieutenant
Effervescent vessel of delinquency
Some have got it in for me, I thank them for the infamy
Go about my business expeditiously
Go about my snuff and stuff most viciously
Guess that makes me bittersweet, beyond relief and remedy
Rather that than figurine of inaccessibility
Maybe that is why I’m keen to reach full visibility
Plain insane, I’d say that’s probability


Splitting the atoms
Please do let me at ’em
I wish to break it down to the subatomic particles and chart the course of Uranus and Saturn
Burrow deep beneath the skin and seep within the widow chamber
Some might say to illustrate the danger
Some might say I’m raving mad, I bark at their suggestion
Throw in stark and make be bad, then perhaps this will warrant them obligatory mention
What exists in me is beyond their comprehension
Way beyond lowered suspension
As I drive by nervous tension
Empty clip to find some kind of sense in sensibilities of those composed to pillory
For the token cause of their enforced redemption


Mine is a reactive kind of depression
Fashioned mostly from synthetic resin
Done and done with the suppression
With the multiple regression
And if you cannot see this, well then please do take a peek at my expression as I bleed this
To achieve this level of intensity
One must be multi-sensory
Perceptive to no ends and with the pedigree for manifesting destiny


Damaged most extensively
Adventuring intrepidly
Way past my life expectancy
To death, I am the penalty
Detestably collected as I play roulette with Russians
Dodge a bullet, light a cigarette, go to combustion
Spontaneous convulsions are my specialty
Breaks the ice preceding full splenectomy
Of course, I do remove the spleen respectfully
Alas, I do possess distressing tendency to sneeze
Good job my aim is steady
Scalpel… please



There’s a beast within me
Keep it leashed down in the cellar
It’s a niche kind of creature
Though I attempt not to dwell or else the next time that it belches
I’ll puke my guts up on the stench of half-digested preachers
Besides, I have its features
Its talons and ten gallon Stetson
Got its Smith and got its Weston
Have the same immunity to eulogy presuming dispossession
Presumably, should rumors be deemed accurate in fact
The bleeding heart inside my ribcage paints the whole stage black


Such purity of weapon exists not in mortal man
So what does that make me then
Tin of spam?
I’m flesh and fucking bone son
Pour that scorn before me and be warned, you’re on your own son
Devil’s in the detail
Lighter’s in my jacket pocket
Got my final give a fuck but fuck it, I forgot it


Splitting atoms
Making some deposits
Just because I dig the fucking phonics
Chronic for tectonics
With a supersonic fist of flames
I’m some way in the game now
Shame not to reign on some parades now
Lounge in bloody shade of all the charlatans I’ve slain


Their pain, my gain
My game, no shame
What can I say?
Maybe blame my diagnosis
However, do know this slick as I’d hate for you to miss the trick
Primal rage don’t get no more ferocious



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  1. “Go about my snuff and stuff” – you’ll understand why that made me laugh

    Excellent work here deserved of a music producer’s eye. You’re gifted in lyrics and prose.

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