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Concrete Blonde “Darkening of the Light”





This isn’t forward
This be the grind of reverse gear
These aren’t my hopes and my dreams
Indeed, it would seem that I’m keen to proceed towards realization of worst fears


This ain’t my workstation
These aren’t my colleagues
No prizes for surmising and sharing out the whereabouts of Wally
Working on a deadline just to divert from the bread line
Phone on hold but wouldn’t you know
It’s a no-show
It’s a dead line
Please leave a short message after the tone
Okay then, fine
Fuck bleep!
Fuck you!
And, fuck it
While we’re at it
Fuck me too!


Soon I’ll be headlining death-bed receptacle bled in red pine
Neck on the line as I heed not the signs that confide of the
hardline imposed to those crossing the red line
Feeling encroached like a roach in a broach
Pinned like an insect to glass
This ain’t my gig
I’m no twig, I’m a branch


It’s all in the eyes
Or not as case may be
Look me deep in mine and please do me the kind favor of approving the same right to me
Then you will see
That nine to five was not my endeavor to weather
Better yet, it attested mere tether to sever
Was never once cut out for me


Found my way forward you see
Learned that the answer to absolute remaster was always in me
Had no idea I was falling asleep
Until I came to in a corset of orbiting sheets
Taken with force as I tapped out like morse
No remorse less I surrender and retreat
Even then, I’ll be expected to report this to human resources


Had to be forward
Reverse gear don’t suit me
So sue me, I’m grooming the fruit as I loom
Rather that than being led out back so they can shoot me
Fire me
Terminate me
I’m a roach
Exterminate me
They won’t stop me planting these seeds
Germinating every last thing I see


Worms they are turning
Terraforming terra firma
Earth is getting firmer
Crops are set to flourishing
Encouraging fresh harvest then to reap
Can you see


It’s all in the eyes
Or not as case may be
Look me deep in mine and please do me the kind honor of approving the same right to me
Then perhaps you will absolutely see
That I am the keeper of the grey rusted key


Having unbolted the door in the floor
I proceeded to the cellar yelling more, more, more
Twas the midnight hour
And my rebel heart was beating hard
Half expecting greeting card
With beast off its whipcord on delivery


With nary a dither and give a fucks now withering, I dug out my liver to offer it peace
It was then that I passed upon mirror and shivered in formerly obsolete glee
The only bare truth I had ever wished to learn was right there, staring firmly back at me
Was all in the eyes all along
I am reflective of all that I see
I hold the secret
I am the key


What’s more, there are more than one of me
And I just happen to keep exquisite company
Facing forward
Wide awake even when sleeping
The river is the soul
And just so that you know
A key exists to every one of thee


We may not speak every day
And that’s okay
For in our quiet moments
We are never ever all that far away


Unlike me to close address with angle
But should your soul dress warm in glow
Upon this one fine day
Then very simply
Light a candle
And I shall do the very same


Together, we will find a way
To while away eternity
As each fire burns
We live
We learn
The worm it turns and turns and turns
And every dwindling flame we kindle
Returns then back to innocence


In a sense, we are absolutely magic
Count them up, there’s more than five
Burning ever brightly
Inviting all who see
To a fabulous spectacular feast
A banquet of majesty, handsomely dressing every felt innermost sense
By vigil of simple moonlit candlelight




© Copyright: greykeeper ™ Chapel Black ™



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