Eternity Reprised




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Ladytron “Deep Blue”





‘Twas a dream within a dream
Midst echoes of eternity repeating
I pinched myself to get a sense of feeling for my whereabouts
‘Twas there or thereabouts
Where my devout had been deferred
Drowned out
Life had shown devout to see me permanently cheated


At least
‘Twas the word indiscreet former versions of me had been keen to confer through the whispering breeze
Too unseen to concur
Too unfelt to be heard
Death appeared to be the only means of any certainty


Such burden was released within this dream within a dream
Midst echoes of eternity repeating
To be seen
I bid my skin polite adieu and flew the height and width and breadth of seamless, timeless view
In a single breathless swoop
Recouped the treasure of the deepest, darkest blue


‘Twas unlike any other dream within a dream declared to me
Had cared to dream
Had dared to dream
But never one time
Shared the dream
Had seen a thousand smiles
Yet, never dressed with such serene
Midst echoes of eternity repeating


Had walked a thousand miles
Beneath the sun’s oppressive glare
Undressed the moon when it had rumoured nothing to declare
Had learned of She
Had yearned for She
Composed recurring verse to She
Yet, every word felt laboured
Midst echoes of a faith deterred


The curfew of a waking life
Deprived of verve and fervent keen
Denied of grace
Embraced in kind
For dreams I chased were deemed to be a waste of time and underlying certainty


Incline was steep
My faith was blind
I primed for leap
In chimed delight
Then turned to She
In braid of twine
Engaged in flight
To paint the skies
In every living colour that we conjured from both day and night entwined
Letting go of curse lifelong yet fleeting
Midst echoes of eternity repeating


‘Twas a dream within a dream
To dare to chase
Embrace in kind
To break the seams
Of space and time
In grace declared
Midst waking life
I dreamt of She
As She for I
Within this dream
Becoming rise of stunning flight midst verse that dined upon the curse, deferred the blight
For in my line of starry sight
The universe resided in her eyes
Every shadow kissed with light of certainty in kind
Midst echoes of eternity reprised






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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