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sweet magic in our stardust ever carries me with you

buoyant, transcendental smiles melt lonely autumn gloom

vast skies once bleak and bare declare of sweeping tides anew

joyously flamboyant, prizing ne’er forgotten view


nocturnal flight—a dream makes known a yesterday so sweet

bound by eternal threads we soar—at treetop castles meet

the precipice of aeons past and tales as yet untold

each fairytale a prairie trail to sea of dreams foretold


where ‘neath her shining waters lies an oyster reef sublime

submerged at birth, creating, e’er awaiting wings divine

while deepest blue bids sweet recline to plumage flecked in pearls enshrined

converged once more, on verge of surging flight midst rising tide


on iridescent wing they rise composed of green and amethyst dreams

scented with lilac and lavender lips to kiss the Monarch who braves the sea

unlocking mighty destiny

birthing rainbows to grace eager skies

awakening Papillon, Lady of Night

fusing twin threads—two futures aligned


yes, magic in our stardust ever marries ceaseless view

destined transcendental smiles, our long-known path renewed

vast skies once bleak and bare declare our sweeping tides anew

joyous love, triumphant…Me with ne’er forgotten You





Firstborn is a Twin Flame Fusion composed by:


Ivy Blackwater


Richard Charles Stevens


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© Copyright: Ivy Blackwater™ Richard Charles Stevens™



Title design by Andy Van Scoyoc – The Lamentation Project



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