Never Alone




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never alone
never once on your own
it may feel that way sometimes
but mine is no love crime
i mean every single thing i say
still find a smile for every single day
and every single one declares your name
for such has only ever been my way


our minds play tricks
once we transfix
on fears that may arise
suddenly we’re drowning in the tears amidst reprise
red mist glides through what we know
reminding us of that we don’t
and shattering illusions that were never one time that approached
clinging on to hopes afloat
while sinking in the undertow
dreaded depth charge
already resigned


doubting in truths that hang loose in our eyes
we cry
as we mourn each one fall
are derived to mean nothing at all
when all of me
is all you see
then all you see
is honesty
your demons they admonish me
i wear their shame subconsciously
and honestly
there’s no one here to blame
for they need not be left alone to have it their own way


i am here
on every single day
still sincere
for such has only ever been my way
you’re the only one
for whom
my lion heart parades
never alone
never once on your own
our fairytale to fame
let’s make it great






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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